exactly how to acquire Here Tickets group Tickets hrs Lodging and also Dining Parking and also Trolley Guest Tips and Policies Accessibility local Attractions endure All Cooperstown has to Offer

The national Baseball hall of Fame and Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. To 5 p.m. For vital information about visiting the Museum, you re welcome click here.

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Nearly 300,000 civilization a year make the pilgrimage to Cooperstown to salary homage to the heroes the the national Baseball room of Fame and Museum, but in the process, many also discover one unspoiled repository of America"s heritage, wealthy in history, art, architecture and also natural beauty. Exploring the baseball museum and also the various other gems of Cooperstown, prefer the Fenimore art Museum, The Farmers" Museum and the Glimmerglass Opera, it is feasible to discover the main point of America itself.

The national Baseball hall of Fame and Museum is open to the public 362 job a year, with extended hours indigenous Memorial day Weekend with the day before Labor Day.

Consider ending up being a member and also make the Cooperstown endure one friend will reap again and again with free admission and many various other benefits.

How to gain Here

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by plane

Flights are accessible to the following big airports. Every is roughly 90 mile away:• Albany global Airport in Albany, N.Y.• Syracuse Hancock global Airport in Syracuse, N.Y.• better Binghamton airplane in Binghamton, N.Y.,

By Car

Follow our driving directions


From all major cities, airports, and train train station in brand-new York, Adirondack/Pine Hill Trailways can gain you from whereby you are in brand-new York State come Cooperstown.

Check out details on room of Fame take trip packages via the Museum’s take trip partner, sports Travel and also Tours.


An aerial watch of Cooperstown, NY - BL-435-2013-13 (National Baseball room of fame Library)

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Museum MembersFree
Adults (13-64)$25.00
Seniors (65+)$20.00
Children (7-12)$15.00
Active/ career Retired MilitaryFree
Children (6 and under)Free


Group Tickets

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Please note: you space not shown until you have received a confirmation notice.

Minimum group Size

Adults (19-64)

Seniors (65+)$17.50
Youth (13-18)*$15.00
Junior (7-12)*$13.00
Camp (7-12)*$13.25

*One adult chaperone is required per every 10 - Junior, Youth or Camp Groups.

Request a Reservation

• team Request Form• Youth group Request Form

School groups should contact our education and learning Department


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The Museum is open up 7 days a week.

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and brand-new Year"s Day.

Sept. 9 v Saturday that Memorial day Weekend

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Giamatti Research facility Hours

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.By appointment only and closed on commonwealth holidays.

The Plaque Gallery will close at 4 p.m. On Sunday, Nov. 7, and also Thursday, Nov. 18, reopening in ~ 9 a.m. The following days.

Lodging and also Dining

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The Cooperstown area provides a wide variety of lodging and also dining experiences. Uncover a weird bed and breakfast, full organization luxury resort, well dining or some ar to kick your feet up. You have the right to stay and dine in lovely Cooperstown, in one of our quaint bordering villages, at a lakeside or landscape inn, or in the vivid urban environment found in the city the Oneonta. Cooperstown Getaway, This is Cooperstown and also the Cooperstown chamber of Commerce administer assistance in locating accommodations and also dining experiences that are right for you.


Browse Accommodations


Vibrant colors adorn the tree in the autumn months. (Milo Stewart Jr./National Baseball room of Fame)

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Parking and Trolley

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Parking in Cooperstown is limited, and paid parking is in effect Memorial day weekend with Columbus Day.

The Doubleday field Parking Lot provides an all-day paid choice for $14.

On street parking is minimal to 2 hours in countless locations and costs $2/hour in the downtown area.

Consider the trolley device as an alternative.

Information below refers to policies once Trolleys room in service

Trolley Parking

Park in among our three cost-free perimeter Trolley Lots and also avoid steering in the congested downtown area of the Village.

Blue Lot: Off route 28 just south that the village of Cooperstown (traveling north from Oneonta, N.Y.)Red Lot: Off path 28 north (Glen Avenue) in ~ Maple Street (traveling southern on route 28 from course 20)Yellow Lot: On course 80 at top parking many Fenimore art Museum (traveling south on route 80 from course 20)

Accessible parking is accessible in the Blue Lot and the Red Lot, and town trolleys space ADA compliant and can accommodate mechanized and also standard wheelchairs

Trolley Schedule

The village of Cooperstown is happy to announce the trolley service will it is in returning throughout the summer the 2021.

The trolley will run:May 29-30Daily June 19 with Sept. 88:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Safety Measures

Mask attract is forced for all persons over 2 year old, vaccinated and unvaccinated.Hand sanitizer is easily accessible on the trolley and at the parking lots.Social distancing is encouraged.Trolleys will certainly be deep cleaned and also sanitized daily.

Trolley Stops

The trolley will certainly leave the Blue Lot at the south entrance to Cooperstown ~ above the half hour and hour beginning at 8:30 a.m. The trolley will arrive at the Yellow lot at around quarter past and also quarter come the hour beginning at 8:45 a.m.

Blue LotChestnut St. At Elm St. (East)*Red LotMain St. In rail District*Doubleday FieldBaseball hall of FameLake St. In ~ Lakefront Park*Lake St. At Otesaga Hotel (North)*Fenimore art Museum*Yellow LotThe Farmers’ Museum*Lake St. At Otesaga Hotel (South)*Chestnut St. At chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center*Chestnut St. In ~ Elm St. (West)*Chestnut St. In ~ Mohican Motel*Chestnut St. At Grove St.*

Trolley Passes

On Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021, one all-day pass will certainly be $5 per human being cash just payable on the trolley.

At all various other times:Daily separation, personal, instance Pass: $2Daily household Pass: $5 (2 adults and up come 3 dependence children)Season individual Pass: $20Season family Pass: $35Season college student Pass: $10 (under 18 year old)Season an elderly Citizen Pass: $15

Daily overcome are obtainable from the trolley driver, cash only. Daily passes may additionally be purchased v a credit transaction or debit card at convenient kiosks located in the trolley parking too many or in prior of the nationwide Baseball hall of Fame and also Museum. A convenience fee will be added. Season passes deserve to be purchased by cash or examine at the town Office at 22 key Street, Cooperstown.

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If friend have any questions or concerns about the trolley please contact Leatherstocking Trolley at (607) 227-9497.