Mobile strategy game Clash of Clans has been roughly for a number of years now, yet that doesn’t mean it never falls victim to brand-new bugs. Many recently, a Loot Cart that appears to it is in filled to bursting with sources is appearing out the the blue. Return that might seem prefer a an excellent thing, trying to insurance claim the loot just results in an error. If you desire to remove the difficult treasure, stick through our how to solve the Clash of Clans Loot cart glitch guide.

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Clash of Clans Loot dare glitch settle (2020)


As mentioned above, plenty of players initially think that the Clash the Clans Loot cart glitch falls in their favor. Who’d say no to millions of complimentary resources, after ~ all? Unfortunately, however, make the efforts to collection the booty Cart will certainly only an outcome in one error message. That reads “Error! customer and server space out the sync!” and prompts you to reload the game. Doing so will eliminate the resources and also cause the Loot dare to respawn; in bespeak to deal with the issue, you’ll need to update your game.

It’s definitely not a gift from developer Supercell and also is instead an annoying glitch, so here’s exactly how to upgrade your game and solve the problem:

How to upgrade Clash of Clans top top iPhone

Close the Clash the Clans app.If automatically updates are enabled, the game should immediately update itself.If not, here’s exactly how to manually update:Tap the “App Store” application.From the “Today” tab, tap her profile symbol at the peak of the screenScroll under to view your pending updates.Locate Clash that Clans and also tap the”UPDATE” button.

How to update Clash the Clans top top Android

Close the Clash of Clans app.If auto-update is enabled, the video game should automatically update itself.If not, here’s just how to manually update:Tap the “Google play Store” application.Tap the icon with three horizontal lines (Menu).Navigate to the “My apps and games” section.Locate Clash that Clans and also tap the “Update” option.

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Once did you do it updated the game on her iOS or Android device, load it earlier up and also you’ll no longer encounter the Clash the Clans Loot cart glitch.