The Instructions

As construction of the city of Ember concludes, its chief “Builder” and his assistant discuss the future. They are unsure of what will certainly follow but, without revealing why, recognize that the city’s inhabitants need come live there because that at the very least 200 years. So the Ember’s future citizen will know what to do at the time, the chief climate reveals a cool plan: lock will administer Ember v instructions, sealed within a box with a time lock collection to open on its own at the ideal date. Sworn come secrecy, just the city’s mayors, one after the next, will know about the box and also its hiding place in Ember’s gathering Hall. None will recognize what is within the box, only that the contents contain an essential information because that Ember’s people.

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All goes according to the Builders’ arrangement until an non ethical mayor, the city’s seventh, take away possession of the box. Plagued v a coughing sickness, usual in Ember in ~ the time, he brings it home, hope to uncover a cure that will conserve him. Return he stops working to open the box, he loss it. After ~ the corrupt market dies, the box ends up in a closet. The box remains there because that generations, until ultimately clicking open up at the programmed time.

Chapter 1: Assignment Day

It’s year 241 and Ember is old, in disrepair, and dark. V no herbal light, its only illumination comes from light bulbs and streetlamps. Electricity shuts turn off nightly, and power outages, which result in blackouts, are common during the day. Children attend college until they space twelve year old. ~ above Assignment work the youngsters enter the adult workforce.

At Ember School, market Cole arrives with a bag hold the fate of every twenty-four college student in the graduating class: the task they will execute for the following three years. Lizzie Bisco stands very first and draws Clerk at the it is provided Depot, whose underground storerooms contain all of the city’s supplies. Lina Mayfleet disappointedly paint, etc Pipeworks Laborer, which method she will repair pipes below the storerooms. Doon Harrow hopes for Electrician’s Helper therefore he might fix Ember’s electrical problems and save the city, however he color etc the task of Messenger and also throws his piece of document in anger. Scolded by the mayor, Doon rants about the state that Ember with its blackouts and also supply shortages. Later, in Harken Square, Doon and also Lina profession jobs. As Messenger, Lina gets the task she had very first wished for, and also Doon feels happy since he will have accessibility to Ember’s generator, i beg your pardon creates electricity from an secret river.

Chapter 2: A post to the Mayor

Lina runs home, happy around her job, yet as she overcome unlit streetlamps, feeling dread if recalling a rumor around Ember’s dwindling light bulb supply. Lina’s Granny and baby sister, Poppy, are her only household now that her parents have died from the coughing sickness ravaging Ember. Your cluttered apartment above Granny’s yarn shop is decorated v Lina’s drawings of a city filled with light, one born native her imagination despite teachings that beyond Ember, there’s only darkness.Later, Lina starts her job as Messenger, report to Captain Fleery and delivering messages because that Ember’s citizens. Near Garn Square, she overcome a team of loyalty singing confident songs. Later, she delivers a message from Looper Windly, a young man who walks through a lurch, to mayor Cole in the gathering Hall. Portraits the Ember’s mayors, consisting of its seventh—her great-great-grandfather, Podd Morethwart—line the walls. Together Assistant safety Barton Snode fetches the mayor, Lina wanders come the roof, hoping to see into the Unknown Regions, but glimpses just blackness while bring about a commotion below. After ~ Chief guard Redge Stabmark captures Lina, the market scolds she for trespassing but, ~ above receiving her message, smiles strangely and decides no to punishment her.

Chapter 3: Under Ember

Doon begins his new job in ~ the Pipeworks. Donning an old slicker and also boots, he descends a deep, wet stairway resulting in the main Tunnel. There, the encounters Ember’s raging underground river for the first time and begins to mentally map the Pipeworks’s vast, labyrinthine layout. At its west edge, the watches the river vanish into a dark opening in a wall. In ~ its eastern edge, that sees the chasm indigenous which the flow surges into the Pipeworks, along with a locked room housing Ember’s generator.

While patching pipes, Doon likewise realizes the Ember is in worse shape than the thought, for this reason he determines to acquire into the locked room. When he does, though, that discovers that his knowledge of just how the generator works is as restricted as that of his coworkers. Later, Doon’s despondency transforms to anger in ~ home, however his father convinces him to stay vigilant in ~ work and also pay close fist to everything he sees. And also because Doon is fascinated through bugs, his father, Loris, recommends he keep an eye out for interesting insects. However Doon regards this together silly. Doon hopes instead the his job-related in the Pipeworks will certainly lead him to something that will assist save the city.

Chapter 4: something Lost, nothing Found

Lina finds Granny tearing up their couch while searching for something she had actually heard the her grandfather, Ember’s seventh mayor, lost lengthy ago. Later, Lina’s job-related takes her to the greenhouses, which stand close to trash heaps in ~ the city’s south east edge. Lina is happy to deliver a message to the manager and her friend, Clary, but sad since the greenhouses remind her of her father, who worked there prior to he died.

Lina learns native Clary that a new disease has infected Ember’s potatoes, one of the city’s food staples. The two then hear loud sobs native Sadge Merrall, who is in an excellent distress after attempting to venture into the Unknown Regions. While searching for something that might aid the city, Sadge encounters only tremendous darkness the fills him with fear. Sadge tells Clary and also Lina the the Unknown regions will never be penetrated without a portable irradiate source, something that doesn’t exist in Ember. Together Clary and also Lina comment on mysteries around Ember’s Builders, the Unknown Regions, and also where they came from, Lina speak Clary about her imagine city that light. Lina stresses the the city feel real and also that she trust there’s a covert doorway the leads the end from Ember.

Chapters 5: on Night Street

Granny’s aging mental grows much more muddled, therefore Lina has Mrs. Murdo, their neighbor, save her company. Lina access time a save on Night Street, run by Looper, that has actually colored pencils, a rare commodity in Ember. There, she buys two, one green and also one blue, yet loses Poppy. Together Lina searches for Poppy in surrounding streets, a blackout, the longest in Ember’s history, spend the city. When the lights return, Lina ultimately finds Poppy and learns that Doon preserved her for sure in his father’s shop during the blackout.

Chapters 6: package in the Closet

In response to the blackout, citizens to visit a meeting in Harken Square. Mayor Cole do the efforts to calm the crowd, speak those in power are regulating the problem. However the townspeople feeling he is lying. They grow angry and also yell and surge in ~ him as he escapes right into the gathering Hall. After ~ the meeting, Doon rails around the mayor’s lies, however his father advises him to learn to understand his anger. At home, Lina finds Granny ransacking a closet, indigenous which she’s unknowingly dislodged a beautiful but damaged box v a mechanical based lock and opened lid. Nearby, Poppy chews and also rips increase a piece of record lined with perfect printing.

Chapter 7: A Message complete of Holes

Lina researches the document scraps and also concludes the original keep in mind must have come from the Builders and the box need to be the lost item Granny was seeking. Return Poppy damaged much that the message, Lina’s able to make the end a seven-step perform of instructions. Countless of its indigenous are now missing, yet Lina regards the message as a an enig and identify to deal with it, believing the article could help Ember.

At work, Lina invites Captain Fleery to she apartment, whereby Captain Fleery evaluate the message, only to dismiss it together unimportant. Captain Fleery then reveals she is a Believer: someone who thinks the building contractors will go back to save the city. At the it is provided Depot, Lizzie tells Lina about Ember’s it is provided shortages and also that only Mayor Cole and Farlo Batten, that is in charge of the storerooms, have accessibility to reports on light bulb and also vitamin supplies. After ~ Lizzie shows no interest in the post from the box, Lina writes come the mayor, notifying that of she find, however she receive no reply. As Lina researches the broken message more, slowly filling in indigenous such as river and door, she realizes the message concerns the Pipeworks and that kind, curious, observant Doon is the right human to help her to fill in the blanks.

Chapters 8: Explorations

Doon supplies his preventive time at occupational to explore the Pipeworks. In ~ its southern end, he finds Tunnel 351, closed through a rope and also sign reading “Caved In. No Entry.” Disobeying the order, he enters the tunnel and also finds a tiny ceiling hatch, likely bring about the storeroom. At the tunnel’s end, he find a locked door. In the place where the river leaves the Pipeworks, Doon sees wrinkled rocks v grooves the resemble writing. Later, Doon hopes to gain insight top top inventing a portable light, for this reason he visits Ember Library, whereby he encounters Lina.

Chapter 9: The Door in the Roped-Off Tunnel

At Lina’s apartment, Doon spies she drawings, the box, and also its fragmented instructions. Together he reads crucial words such together open, follow, and door, Doon recalls the locked door in Tunnel 351. The 2 visit the Pipeworks the following day, where they hear someone enter Tunnel 351 native its ceiling hatch and then open up the locked door. Doon and also Lina identify that the man, that walks with a lurching gait that Lina find familiar, need to have found the means out that Ember. They believe the male will disclose his discovery to the city, therefore they decide to was standing by for an announcement.

Chapters 10: Blue Sky and also Goodbye

Lina attends to Granny, who is sick v a fever however relieved as soon as Lina tells she she has discovered the lost object. Later, once Lina draws she imagined city, in shade for the very first time many thanks to her new pencils, she colour a blue sky despite never having actually seen one before. That night, Granny grows an ext ill and also dies in her sleep.

Chapters 11: Lizzie’s Groceries

Lina is comforted when Mrs. Murdo invites her and Poppy to relocate in. Lina later sees Lizzie leaving the it is provided Depot delivering a sack. Once Lizzie falls, out role cans the applesauce and also other coveted products no one has actually seen in years. Though Lina accepts Lizzie’s gift of creamed corn and peaches, she grow concerned and confronts she friend around what she saw the following day. Lizzie reveals that her brand-new boyfriend and also storeroom worker, Looper, explores forget rooms trying to find rare goods. Lina’s concern grows when she realizes he additionally sells them in his store. Lina is tempted by Lizzie’s market to give her more, including colored file and shoes, if she keeps things secret but at some point declines. She speak Lizzie the it is wrong the a select few should possess together precious items while others walk without.

Chapter 12: A tragic Discovery

Doon revisits the closeup of the door door in Tunnel 351 and also finds a crucial left in the lock. Inside, he sees a brightly lit room filled v food cans, clothes, irradiate bulbs, and also other supplies. He likewise spies a cozy living room where Mayor Cole, overweight and stuffed with food, dozes in an armchair. Doon shares his exploration with Lina, who in turn reveals she findings around Lizzie and also Looper, consisting of her current revelation: The mysterious guy with the lurching gait in the tunnel must be Looper. And, based upon the message he request Lina come relay on her first day of work, that is conspiring through the mayor. Believing the proof will lead to the mayor’s arrest, Lina and also Doon head come the collection Hall and tell Assistant security Barton Snode, that conveys their news to his fellow guards just as Lina and Doon leaving the hall.

Chapter 13: Deciphering the Message

Lina access time the greenhouses come tell Clary about the instructions and also that market Cole has been hoarding the city’s supplies. Later, in Lina’s bedroom, Clary watch the instructions and also believes that Egres in the location must typical “Egress,” a means out. Buoyed by Clary’s discovery, Lina and Doon pore over the message, pour it until it is full in an ext of the fragmentized and missing words. In action 2, they item together information around a stone marked with the letter “E,” believing it should stand for “Exit.” In step 4, lock conclude that a “door” and also its “key” have the right to be uncovered by the river’s “ledge.”

Closer to fixing the puzzle, Lina and Doon agree to work-related quickly and also share your findings in 2 days at Singing, an annual event where citizens sign up with to sing Ember’s three good songs. The night, Doon is tempted to share your recent discoveries with his father however opts to conserve this for the big reveal in ~ Singing, believing that will have a better impact. As Doon drifts to sleep, in his mind’s eye the sees the wrinkled rocks the same, similar thing words in the Pipeworks’s west end and realizes this is the most likely location the the “E” because that “Exit.”

Chapter 14: The means Out

As Ember’s citizens conference for song Rehearsal Day, Lina and Doon go back to the Pipeworks. At the spot marking “E” because that “Exit,” they review the instructions and also find an iron ladder leading down to a ledge on the riverbank. There they see a rectangular room carved in the river wall and, within that space, a door and also panel hold its key. In the dark spaces behind the door, they stumble upon metal boxes, one labeled “Candles” and the various other “Matches.” Lina and Doon are perplexed at first, having never checked out either object, however after numerous attempts they number out exactly how to usage both and also are excited to find a resource of portable light. Currently lighting the rooms v a lit candle, they discover a much larger object labeled “BOAT.” Unsure the its purpose, they refer to the instructions, and finally, the Builders’ exit strategy i do not care clear: They room to lower the watercraft into the river v ropes, action inside, and also then head downstream. The river, they now know, is the way out that Ember.

Chapter 15: A no hope Run

Lina and also Doon check out the covert spaces near the riverbank’s ledge and discover an additional room invited with hundreds of boats. They agree come share their good news at Harken Square the adhering to day during Singing. In ~ home, Doon packs his pillowcase with essentials for the departure and also checks on his caterpillar. As it wriggles indigenous its cocoon, completing its transformation into a moth, Doon opens his home window and sets the free. He climate overhears 3 city guards, who say he’s wanted for dispersing vicious rumors about Mayor Cole. Dean’s rage grows once he realizes the guards room in ~ above the mayor’s crime, but he calms himself and escapes to warn Lina.

Lina and also Doon hide out in Ember School, quiet planning to expose their explorations at Singing, yet they grow despondent when they realize the mayor and his guards will be there. Lock decide, then, that their just recourse is to escape top top their very own that day and also leave a note with trusted Clary so she deserve to convey the exit setup to the city. Together Lina slips turn off to provide the note, though, the guards spot she and collection off in pursuit.

Chapter 16: The Singing

The city security quickly catch Lina and march her to the Gathering hall to face Mayor Cole, who states her behavior is dangerous and disloyal. His actions, he adds, have all been for the greater great of the city. Lina rejects his propaganda, however, and calls him the end for lying. Enraged, market Cole tells Lina she will certainly be locked in the prison Room, but just as he motions for his guards, there’s a blackout.

Lina uses the sheathe of darkness to escape and also heads because that the roof, foiling the safety who believe she has actually left the room at floor level. As Lina will the rooftop, Ember’s lights return, and Singing begins. She listens come her fellow citizens sing “The song of the City” and “The song of the River” and then join in “The song of Darkness,” simply as another blackout strikes. In the distance, Lina spots a small flame and knows it should be Doon, lighting his way toward the Pipeworks through a candle. Lina then jumps to the jail Room roof and then ~ above solid ground, whereby she decides to find Mrs. Murdo and Poppy prior to reconnecting v Doon.

Chapters 17: Away

Doon pipeline his hiding spot at Ember School, believing it ideal to head because that the Pipeworks regardless of not knowing Lina’s whereabouts. That writes a keep in mind to his father, informing him that he found Ember’s leave in the Pipeworks, and then pins it to a kiosk in Selverton Square. Together Doon lights his means down Gappery Street, Lina approaches, moving Poppy. At the Pipeworks, they control to lower the watercraft into the river, tie it come a metal rod, and pack it with supplies. Once all three children are safely aboard, Doon traction the rope free, and also they shoot downriver.

Chapters 18: wherein the flow Goes

The boat plunges into complete darkness together it leaves the Pipeworks. The flow rages, and also the boat rocks violently, yet soon the existing slows, and Doon is may be to irradiate candles. Eventually, the watercraft reaches a shallow financial institution at the river’s end, wherein the kids find a pathway and also a timeworn journal. Lina desponds once she discovers she still has actually the note about Ember’s departure strategy written for Clary, but the youngsters are optimistic that Doon’s last-minute-note could reach his father. They fill their water bottles with river water, pack candles, and also approach the path.

Chapter 19: A human being of Light

At the path’s entrance, Doon, Lina, and also Poppy watch a sign, left through the contractors to welcome refugees native Ember. The sign additionally informs them that the last stage of your journey, a two-hour climb, now lies ahead. ~ hiking by candlelight for part time, the children an alert that the air starts to smell fresher and also they begin to make the end a faint light ahead. In ~ last, they with the finish of the passage and emerge right into an tremendous wilderness filled v beautiful things they have actually never seen and also don’t have actually names for: “a silver- lamp in the sky” (the moon), “silvery hair” (moonlit grass), “plants . . . Taller than they were” (trees), “rolling swells” (hills), and also “tiny flecks of light” (shining stars). Because that the an initial time, castle sit transfixed and also watch the sun rise, giving light come a bright blue sky, prior to reading the newspaper they had found by the river.

Chapter 20: The critical Message

Lina and also Doon read the journal, penned by among Ember’s initial residents throughout the very first days of she journey right into the climate newly built city. Indigenous the entries, they also learn the scientists and also engineers developed Ember come ensure civilization would no disappear native the earth, which to be in good peril at the time. Unaware if anyone is left and also concerned that no one in Ember will understand what come do, the youngsters search for a way back, understanding the watercraft can’t travel versus the river’s currents.

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Soon the children ascend a slope and also find one indent in the ground. Inside, a tunnel leads them to an immense, dizzying drop v a swarm of lamp at that bottom. Lina and also Doon realize it is Ember, at last grasping that the entire city, and also not simply the Pipeworks, exists underground. Hope to make contact, Lina and Doon upgrade the keep in mind they had written because that Clary, adding details around their existing whereabouts. Lina wraps the in Doon’s shirt, weighs the bundle down with a rock, and then autumn it right into the darkness. Much below, the bundle lands with a thump, straight in former of Mrs. Murdo in Harken Square.