It happens intermittently, and I know for particular that the oil level is fine. The happened before I got an oil change and ns thought possibly it would protect against afterwards, but it hasn"t.Anyone experience this?



Oil light is one indicator of absence of oil pressure, no low oil level.Hopefully (and an extremely likely) the is a bad oil pressure sensor (sending unit). Not difficult to change...If the problem persists, then you have actually a an ext serious issue
Thank you for your reply. I never ever knew that it to be a pressure issue rather than a short level warning. Find out something new every day!I"ll examine into that appropriate away.

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Tina the is another case where OEM is much superior come an aftermarket sending unit native autozone or an additional aftermarket supplier.
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Double M wrote:You said you watch it intermittently.Just curious if you check out the oil light at idle only?Now that you mention it, yes.
Most most likely a brand-new OEM oil pressure sensor will settle the problem. Sensor is located near the oil filter top top the engine. Connector is probably oil soaked. Rinse through electrical call cleaner recommended.
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.Noticed this problem a coupla times today. Only while tranny was in Drive v foot ~ above brake pedal waitin" in ~ an intersection. If electrical contact cleaner doesn"t resolve, is it worth the effort to change the oil press sensor or deserve to I simply overlook the you are fool light? not seeing any substantial leakage. Thanks!.
I wouldn"t ignore the you are fool light. You have to solve the problem. If it isn"t the sensor (clean and /or change it first) then you have a short oil pressure problem and also will have to resolve that prior to you do damage to the engine. I had actually the same trouble years earlier with a Gran Prix. I had to fall the oil pan and adjust the oil pump. Hope it"s simply a sensor problem.
I"m with Monte - change the sensor, that isn"t too negative of a project to do and also the oil push light offer a an useful purpose.
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.By the moment the oil press switch ns ordered digital arrived a couple of days later, the flickering issue stopped and also has not returned. And also that to be a couple of oil transforms ago, too.Thanks!.

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October 28th, 2021, 9:28 pm

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