China anne Mcclain Age, Bio, Boyfriend, Profile| contact Details (Phone number, Instagram, YouTube, email address)- China ann Mcclain is an American Actress and also Singer who has actually played the function of Jazmine ~ above Tyler Perry’s house of Payne. She has actually two sisters namely: Sierra and also Lauryn, creating the team McClain Sisters. China is finest known because that starring together Chyna Parks in the Disney Channel television collection A.N.T. Farm (2011–2014), and as Uma in the Disney Channel films Descendants 2 (2017) and Descendants 3 (2019). She parents are Michael McClain and also Shontell McClain. She flourished up through her siblings called Lauryn, Sierra (sisters), and Gabriel (brother). She has appeared on the television collection named black Lightning. In June 2020, she girl group readjusted their surname to Thriii, and performed at Radio Disney gift ARDYs Summer Playlist.

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Name: China ann McClainDate the Birth: August 25, 1998Age: 23 yearsBirth Sign: VirgoSiblings- Sierra Aylina McClain, Lauryn McclainBoyfriend- Jake quick ( Rumored)Place of Birth: Atlanta, GeorgiaOccupation: YouTube PersonalityNationality: American



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