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simply wondering, i am a gearhead, and like functioning on my own vehical. :banana: :banana: would certainly it be to tuff of a job, to replace the intake manifold gaskets in my gen II astro. :think: i checked with a shop and they said it would take around 2 days, and $350 to execute it. :whack: I simply checked with my components guy, and also the gaskets are $79 and also comes through valve covering gaskets together well. :rockon: for this reason my main question is, Is there sufficient room to traction the accelerator cables off, and also be able come lift the intake up, there is no removing the motor? thanks guys, ns love this site!!! :ty:
Different years of gen II astros had various fuel metering systems - different heights. Part years require more fuel metering removal than others. So part are easier than others.I would certainly ask (post) specifically around the year your astro is, no the generation, so someone can offer you in-depth info about your year astro.On my 96 you have the right to leave the fuel metering stuff on the valley - the maniflod bolts space open roughly them. Unbolt and lift off, however its not fun. Ns think some years have the bolts under a plasic cover that demands to it is in removed.

Oh O.K. Fine Anyone out there that wanna aid me, it a 1998 chevy Astro. Ns hope the its a basic job, since I just dont have the $350 for the shop to execute it. The is my driver too, so it cant be outta comision for an extremely long.Thnx for the advice MN.

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Well I obtained the parts all I require is part nicer weather!!! :violin: :banana:
* ... Jimmy.htmlIf ns remember what the bf said effectively for the "99, you can leave the fuel pump etc. In the reduced intake (I was within recovering from ankle surgery when he did it).It is tricky since of the tunnel, but can be done.
"05 Astro AWD vin X"02 Astro LS AWD vin X"00 Astro LS AWD - WIP"99 Safari XLE AWD - broke"93 AWD EXT vin W - genuine broke
I did my very own in a 97. It to be a little of work. I have actually a 2" body lift and I still had actually a hell that a time obtaining in there v tools with the extra space. If you had not already bought the gaskets i think I can have argued having a shop do it. However if you"re prefer me that"s not an option. I prefer doing mine own occupational for piece of mind.Do yourself a huge favor and also remove the two front seats. Your gonna be spending a lot of time laying down, on hands and also knees and also maybe in the fetal place as you curse the valve Gods.The new gasket kit need to come through some RTV to seal the former and earlier of the head come the manifold. Ns think they call for a 1/4" bead or something prefer that. I discovered there is no extra in the tube they it is provided so don"t be as well generous v it. Maybe go to the component store and get a enlarge tube.Make certain you to buy the gasket set with steel in it. Otherwise return it for the hefty duty set.Find the correct manifold talk values before you start. There are two set of values, ones because that older vans and ones for more recent vans and they differ enough to matter.Have rags comfortable to cover the rods etc. Native falling debris as you clean the head. Friend may additionally want come buy number of cans of carbohydrate cleaner come spray and clean the injectors and throttle body.You will also need something come clean the adjustment surfaces of the manifold and also head (super well grit sandpaper, wire brush, etc.) miscellaneous that will certainly scour the surfaces yet not pit or scrape too deep.This is additionally a an excellent time to clean out your EGR valve and also replace the thermostat.If you want the engine come fire ideal up once you"re really close attention to the distributor timing! mark it, take it pix, etc.Good luck!