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Def Jam: symbol Cheats for Xbox 360

achievements Complete every of the following accomplishments below to obtain the allotted gamerscore.

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success Achievement Clean increase your foe with the vehicle Wash Brush. punch your opponent away v the electrified car at the Block. have actually a document go gold in construct a Label. have actually a record go platinum in construct a Label. Complete develop A Label setting on Hardest difficulty Level. it is in Dr. Chang and protect your brother"s convenient store during a solo match. Shock your adversary to victory at the Rooftop. victory 15 virtual fights in a row. Beatings with Bass: Solo: Hard: No Strikes, obtain Up Attacks, Blocks, Reversals, Taunts, or Grabs. have actually your Taunt Tag show up on your conquered opponent"s screen. reach 500,000 layout Points in develop a Label. finish a fight in ~ the studio v an electrifying endure for your opponent. achieve 50 virtual wins. success 5 digital fights in a row. litter your foe into the Elevator column in Troy"s Office. knock your foe out through the Swinging light Rig. usage the Light wall at The Club till it"s lamp out. end the fight through the lowriding impact at the Block. have actually a record go multiplatinum in construct a Label. lug your opponent"s health and wellness to zero with volume at 11 at the Office. have 4 to solve girlfriends simultaneously in construct A brand Mode. Let one of the dancers defeat your opponent. usage the fireplace in the Penthouse to end up off her opponent. Play her "Def Jam Icon" saved Playlist in mine Soundtrack. attain 200 online wins. relax 6 songs in construct a Label. finish a Fight without the glass wall breaking in her crib in build a Label. adjust your Signature. Beatings v Bass: Solo: Hard: No Strikes, Directionals, acquire Up Attacks, or seize attempts. attain 100 virtual wins. use the helicopter tail whip together your finishing move. win a ranked enhance with 100 complete taunts. Torch your enemy in the Flaming Gas Pump. defeat your opponent by utilizing the speak blast in ~ The Club. have an album reach number 1 top top the Charts. Be troy Dollar and also protect your trophies if fighting a solo match. throw your enemy out that the window at the Penthouse.
Bling (5)
Bling Bling (10)
BMF (100)
Brother"s save (50)
Caution: Wet Floor (10)
Critical Beat down (50)
Directional strikes Only (50)
Domination (25)
Fashion symbol (25)
Feel the strength (15)
Get Your mode On (20)
Getting hot (15)
Going under (15)
Heads up (10)
Hit The lights (15)
Joy speak (15)
KaChing Bling (15)
Killer Sound system (10)
Ladies male (35)
Look but Don"t Touch (25)
Marshmallows (10)
Mixtape (25)
Ornery Bastard (100)
Producing Mogul (10)
Protect her Crib (50)
Represent yourself (5)
Reversals just (50)
Rollin (50)
Smacked down (15)
Straight Clownin" (50)
The large Burn (15)
Too Loud, also Old (10)
Top that the Charts (10)
Troy"s Trophies (50)
Window of opportunity (15)

Contributed by: stunner Jezus

Unlock 2 covert tracks

At the main menu (press begin screen)

effect Effect B, Up, Right, Left, Y Down, B, A, ideal
It"s Goin Down
Make it Rain

Contributed by: StoneCold78

Unlock Dr.

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On the push Start screen

result Effect Down, Y, ideal
Unlocks Dr. Chang

Contributed by: TimmyG4

Unlock Fat Joe

At start display enter.

effect Effect Down, B, A, ideal
Unlocks Fat Joe

Contributed by: SKATINtime445

Def Jam: icon Cheats for PlayStation 3

Fighting layouts

There are multiple fighting formats to be unlocked for yor Build-A-Label character.

Unlockable Unlockable attain "Mogul" status accomplish "Producer" standing choose at begin / accomplish "Hustler" standing accomplish "ICON" status achieve "Hit Maker" standing pick at begin / achieve "Hustler" condition
Beat Boxer
Black Panther
Ghetto Blaster
Jah Breaka
Muay Fly
Street Kwon Do

Contributed by: TheFAQKing


At The Title screen (Where that says press start)

effect Effect DOWN, O, X, best Down, Circle, X, ideal
Unlocks "Yung Joc - It"s walk Down"
Unlocks Fat Joe

Contributed by: eminemlife4, MNOGhost