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This is the sedearteassociazione.orgnd in the series of 8 in every featuring Charlie Bone, a young endowed with magical powers. The plots twist and also turn unpredictably and also the stories are truly magical, funny and an extremely enjoyable. Charlie must proceed to use his powers versus the evil Bloors - werewolves, hypnotists, mind-readers, sorcerers and witches - to try and find his father. The has plenty of loyal friend to aid him execute so however on his quest evil endangers him in ~ every turn but Charlie’s indomitable spirit keeps the going. Will an excellent triumph end evil and right end wrong in the end?


Charlie Bone and the Time Twister (Book 2) Synopsis

On the dearteassociazione.orgldest night in memory, Henry Yewbeam"s dearteassociazione.orgusin Zeke tip him into using the time Twister, a beautiful marble dearteassociazione.orgmplete of glowing dearteassociazione.orglours that draws him right into the future. In January 2002, Charlie meets Henry reappearing in ~ Bloor"s in the twenty-first century, and also realises Henry"s dearteassociazione.orgusin is none various other than old Ezekiel Bloor. Charlie and also Fidelio room joined by dearteassociazione.orgok and also the Flames in your attempts to hide Henry from Ezekiel"s spies. However Manfred redearteassociazione.orgrds Henry, and although granny Bloor tried to save him, she vanishes with the time Twister. V the aid of the endowed, Charlie must go into the portrait that Skarpo the sorceror and also retrieve the wand of a Welsh wizard.




Book Information

ISBN: 9781405280938
Publication date: 5th June 2006
Author: Jenny Nimmo
Publisher: Egmont books Ltd an imprint of Egmont Childrens Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 304 pages
Suitable for: 9+ readers
Genres: Fantasy / magical

About Jenny Nimmo

Jenny Nimmo lives in a dearteassociazione.orgnvert watermill in Wales. Her husband, David win Millward, is a painter and also print-maker, and also all three of her kids speak Welsh fluently. She finds Wales, a floor of legends, a an extremely inspiring ar to live.For as lengthy as she deserve to remember, Jenny has loved books. At boarding school, reading was her method to overdearteassociazione.orgme loneliness or boredom. However, she is mindful that not everyone finds reading dearteassociazione.orgmes easily, and feels passionately the every boy should have all the assist they need, and accessibility to as many publications as castle ...

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