Charles “Freddie” Ingalls Jr. – Biography

Charles Frederick Ingalls Jr., far better known together Freddie, was the 4th child and only son of Charles and also Caroline Ingalls and also was born November 1, 1875 in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. As soon as he to be nine months old, the baby began to shed weight, and despite a physician being called, baby Freddie passed away on august 27, 1876. His fatality is taped as “Fred Ingles” in county documents on this day at period of ten months, through the cause being diarrhea, although the is unknown what caused it.

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It is unknown specifically where that is buried. Together the family members was staying with Peter and also Eliza Ingalls in ~ the time, Freddie was hidden on his farm and the specific location that the grave is not known.

There is part confusion around whether his center name is order Frederick or Frederic, however, that is generally welcomed that the accurate spelling is Frederick.

While his fatality is omitted from the small House books, the fatality was included in Laura’s original manuscript Pioneer Girl. A fictionalized version was likewise included in the tv show tiny House on the Prairie.

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