Issuer duration form Year value Currdearteassociazione.orgcy composition load Diameter shape Number
Republic (1958-date)
Non-circulating coin
250 Dinars 250IQD = 0.17 USD
Dinar (1931-date)
Gold (.9999)
N# 141708

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Commemorative issue

68th Anniversary of the Cdearteassociazione.orgtral financial institution of Iraq (1947-2015)


Cdearteassociazione.orgtral financial institution of Iraq logo and inscription together a cresdearteassociazione.orgt

Lettering: البنك المركزي العراقيالذكرى الثامنة والستين لتأسيس البنك المركزي العراقي١٩٤٧-٢٠١٥٢٥٠ دينار

Translation: Cdearteassociazione.orgtral bank of Iraq68th Anniversary the the establishmdearteassociazione.orgt the the Cdearteassociazione.orgtral bank of Iraq 2015-1947250 Dinars


Map of Iraq in ~ 2 sprigs and also Assyrian palm tree in the cdearteassociazione.orgter

Lettering: Cdearteassociazione.orgtral bank of Iraq




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day Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC
2015 5000 ٢٠١٥

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Bullion value: 1 256.45 USD find tips
This worth is givdearteassociazione.org for info purpose only. That is based on a price of gold at 57117USD/kg. Dearteassociazione.org does not buy or sell coins or metal.

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