Celebrities are taking Conejo valley homes and aren’t feather back. While Bel Air and Beverly Hills stay a main location because that celebrities, nowadays stars room opting for residences in Calabasas, Westlake village and Lake Sherwood and we know precisely why. The a smart relocate no doubt once the valley provides so lot in space and a actual escape from the chaos of neighborhoods further southern with Mountains and blue skies as your backdrop. Conejo Valley residences are also close sufficient to beaches, shopping and also local sporting events. Celebs and high profile species with families couldn’t ask for a much better location because that schools and also a closer feeling of community.

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Britney Spears rented the Chateua Suenos mansion in Calabasas in 2009 with an choice to buy. Ameri most famed family, the Kardashians are famous valley residents. Khloe Kardashian purchased the compound that was formerly owned by popular music singer Justin Beiber because that a reported $7.2 million and also Kourtney Kardashian bought the residence of previous pro football player Keyshawn Johnson, the 11,746 square foot abode was later on sold prior to Kourtney and her family members moved only a few miles down the road. The matriarch, Kris Jenner, has actually an 8,860 square foot Mediterranean style mansion in covert Hills.

The home watercrafts limestone floors, painted ceilings and double staircases through a an extremely spacious room layout of 6 bedrooms and also 7.5 bathrooms.The Jenners paid a reported $4 million because that the house in 2010 yet Redfin now estimates its value in upwards the $5.6 million. Young hearthrobs no the just stars flocking to Conejo sink homes, Katherine Jackson moved Michael Jackson’s kids and the totality family to an legacy in the valley through 7 bedrooms and also 11 commodes for one undisclosed amount. One more wealthy music family, Tamar Braxton and mega producer Vincent Herbert (Lady Gaga, ) relocated their family members to the estate in Tony Calabasas through a residence purchased because that $10.5 million. You can expect an ext stars flocking come the an ar as development of these an ext obscure yet prominent areas progresses.

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SG Associates is your overview to luxury residences in Conejo Valley. If she interested in making the move into a Calabasas home, Westlake Village, thousands Oaks or Agoura Hills call me, Sergio Gonzalez at: or (805)267.9521 for details on million dissension listings and luxury manors in the city the Westlake town and neighboring areas.