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also lateFor the other sideCaught in a chase25 come lifeToo lateFor the other sideCaught in a chase25 come lifeToo lateI can"t save chasing itCaught in a chase25 to lifeI don"t think she understandsThe sacrifices that i madeMaybe if this bitch had actually acted rightI would have actually stayedBut I"ve already wasted over half my lifeI would have actually laid down and died for youI no much longer cry because that youNo an ext painBitch you took me for grantedTook my heart and ran it straight into the planetInto the dirtI can no much longer stand itNow my respect I demand itImma take manage of this relationshipCommand itAnd I"m gonna it is in the boss of you now goddammitAnd what I mean is the I"m will no much longer let you manage meSo you far better hear me outThis much you owe meI provided up mine life because that youTotally specialized to youWhy I"ve stayedFaithful every the wayThis is how I fucking gain repaid?Look at exactly how I dressFucking baggy sweatsGo to job-related a messAlways in a rush to get back to youI ain"t heard you yetNot even once say you evaluate meI deserve respectI"ve excellent my best to offer you Nothing much less then perfectnessAnd I understand that if I finish thisI"ll no longer have nothing leftBut you store treating me choose a staircaseIt"s time to fucking stepAnd i wont be comes backSo don"t hold your fucking breathYou understand what you"ve doneNo need to go in depthI told friend you"d be sorryIf ns fucking leftI laughed while girlfriend weptHow"s it feeling now?Yeah funny ain"t itYou neglected meDid me a favorLet every my heart freeYou"ve saidGot a special ar for youIn my heartThat I have actually keptIt"s unfortunate but it"sToo lateFor the various other sideCaught in a chase25 to lifeToo lateFor the other sideCaught in a chase25 to lifeI feeling likeWhen ns bend over backwards for youAll you perform is laughCuz the ain"t an excellent enoughYou intend me to fold myself in halfTill ns snapDon"t think I"m loyalAll I do is rapHow have the right to I moonlight top top the sideI have actually no life exterior of thatDon"t I provide you enough of mine time?You don"t think so perform you?Jealous as soon as I invest time v the girlsWhy I"m married to you stillMan ns don"t knowBut this evening I"m serving you v papersI"m divorcing youGo marry who elseAnd make em famousAnd take away your freedomLike friend did to meTreat em prefer you don"t need emAnd they ain"t worthy that youFeed em The very same shit that you do me eatI"m relocating onForget youOh now I"m specialI didn"t feel special once I was wit youAll I ever felt to be this HelplessnessImprisoned through a selfish bitchChew me up and also spit me outI fell for thisSo countless timesIt"s ridiculousAnd still ns stick v thisI"m noble of thisBut in my sicknessAnd addictionYour addictive as they getEvil together they comeVindictive together they do emMy friends store asking meWhy ns can"t just walk away fromI"m addictedTo the pain, the stressThe dramaI"m attracted to shitSo i guess I"m a messCursed and blessedBut this time immaAin"t an altering my mindI"m climbing out this abyssYour screaming together I walk outThat I"ll it is in missedBut once you spoke of people Who expected the many to youYou left me off her listFuck friend hip hopI"m leaving youMy life sentence is served bitchAnd it"s justToo lateFor the various other sideCaught in a chase25 to lifeToo lateFor the various other sideCaught in a chase25 come lifeToo lateCaught in a chase25 to life