Who doesn’t recognize him? who doesn’t psychic “The Menudos”? Who’s never danced “Livin’ La Vida Loca”? Ricky martin has always been a success, has constantly been beloved by plenty of fans all around the globe. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but lately he’s everywhere. Therefore many new things keep going in his life and career. Not also long ago he admitted being homosexual and also now he chose to open his heart to pan via his book “Me”. He also has twin boys and has a new cd coming out in January. Basically whatever is pretty great in his life, and also I feel happy for him because I truly admire his talent and especially his occupational with charities. His life is an altering a lot and it appears he quiet wants an ext change due to the fact that Ricky is make the efforts to sell his oceanfront mansion in golden Beach, Florida.

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Ricky young name bought this Mediterranean-style estate back in 2007 because that $16.25 million, and also only six months later he determined to shot to make a profit, marketing it because that $22.5 million. ~ trying because that a while, he took the house off the market and also re-listed it now for $18.9 million without any luck so far. However I to be pretty certain he’s not also worried, he owns homes in Puerto Rico, Rio de Janeiro and new York.

The residence is situated at one of the most exclusive oceanfront ar in Florida, with ar security patrol and also its very own private beach. It likewise offers 5 bedrooms, 7 commodes and about 9,882 Sq/Ft. It’s a home for a discerning (and rich) buyer.

Mediterranean- Spanish Style


This house is really distinctive. I particularly love the brick and the dry feel with the palm trees.

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Guest House


The guest house and also the three vehicle garage.

Let’s have a Piña Colada


Wow! What a perfect ar to relax! however can friend really perform so after ~ spending 18.9 mil?