The concern is often asked: can I use a 12V 4Ah battery instead of a 12v 5Ah battery? The reverse question is additionally asked. The answer might not it is in earthshattering however will administer perspective and peace the mind. Together you prepare to buy a replacement 4ah or 5ah sealed lead mountain battery pause here and learn the differences and similarities in this execution of What’s What in the Battery World. Specifically we will use global Power teams UB1240-F1 and also UB1250-F2 SLA batteries together our reference point. The battle of the 12V 4Ah vs the 12V 5Ah starts now.

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Specification5Ah Battery4Ah Battery
Part No.ComparedUB1250-F2UB1240-F1
Dimensions - Inches13.54 x 2.76 x 4.0013.54 x 2.76 x 4.00
Voltage12 Volts12 Volts
Capacity AH5Ah4Ah
Approx. Load Lbs3.05 Lbs2.95Lbs
Battery TypeFactory Sealed AGMFactory Sealed AGM
PolarityLeft PositiveLeft Positive
Warranty12 Mo.12 Mo.
Terminal TypeF1 or F2F1 or F2
Retail Cost$18.95$15.95

F1 vs F2 Terminals

The chart over indicates both the 4ah and also 5ah battery deserve to come v either the F1 or F2 terminal. It is not something friend really desire to gloss over and also hope girlfriend purchased the correct version. You may finish up finding out your home security alarm battery connectors are too tiny and will certainly not attach to your battery. Or worse yet her connectors room a little large and fit loose on the battery terminals. If no addressed, this could enable slippage and also generate a spark resulting in a short and also perhaps a fire.

These F1 and also F2 terminals can be found not only on the 12V 4Ah and 12V 5ah batteries but on many all the smaller sized 6 volt and also 12 volt lead acid batteries native 22ah under to 0.2Ah. The F1 terminal occasionally referred to as T1 terminals will certainly be 0.187 customs (3/16”) wide. The UB1240 pictured above has the F1 terminals. The F2 or T2 terminal is 0.250 inches (1/4”) wide. The UB1250 pictured above has the F2 terminals. It doesn’t it seems to be ~ like much of a difference however in actuality it yes, really messes civilization up. Luckily, if you ever discover yourself in the place of staring at the wrong terminal set on her SLA battery, it deserve to be remedied rather simply.

For the vast majority of applications girlfriend can affix an F1 to F2 or F2 to F1 converter. These tiny adapters cost means less than it would require to ship earlier and exchange your incorrectly purchased battery. They quickly slide onto your existing battery terminal to change the width to the desired 3/16” or 1/4” size. The size of her terminal will end up around a fifty percent inch longer.

A way friend shared with me as soon as that the purchased a collection of terminal adaptors and taped them to his alarm mechanism battery. That method he never had to worry about remembering i beg your pardon terminal type he needed. When the time pertained to buy a new replacement he would either ice cream the adapters onto the brand-new battery or on slide them ~ above the terminals and also use them.

Can the 4Ah and also 5Ah Battery be provided Interchangeably?

Looking at the chart above, we can plainly see that these two batteries are the specific same physical size and share the exact same voltage. The only distinction is in the amp hour capacity confirmed by the slight load difference. Now many people select to upgrade their 12V 4ah battery come the 5ah version. Yet if you want to conserve a small cash, or the 4ah was all that was available you might replace a 12V 5Ah battery through the 4 amp hour one.

This is what the exchange would look like once presented in a straight percentage metric:

Going from the 4Ah come the 5Ah would median your application might run approximately 25% longer.Going indigenous the 5Ah come the 4Ah would median your application could stop running approximately 20% sooner.

So you must ask yourself, will this distinction in operation time truly affect the ultimate result of just how you room using the battery? There room many instances in which that will have actually no effect as the battery is just their together a backup source of power should the primary power resource have a hiccup. If the power actually went out, 4ah or 5ah might mean the difference of a pair of minutes and is yes, really insignificant. In one application wherein you space constantly draining the power down over 7 or 8 hours and need to expand this one more hour or two then upgrading is essential.

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There room literally thousands of applications for these little 5Ah and also 4Ah batteries. It would be difficult to perform every details application and give a recommendation. The best we deserve to do is to mark the large categories together as house security alarms, UPS backup systems, house medical devices, and also two wheeled electrical scooters.