Our pharmacist answer the latest question regarding whether or no it is OK come take over the counter cold drugs while additionally taking methylprednisolone.

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Fourt asked

I have actually an autoimmune disorder which ns am taking MethylPrednisolone for. I have a negative head cold and also want to recognize if I have the right to take any otc"s for my cold due to the fact that I am on Prednisone. Evaluate your reply


It"s difficult to give a precise recommendation because I don"t know the exact autoimmune disorder you suffer from or what cold medicines you space thinking that taking. Having actually said that, I"m sure we can help out through some info for you.

Methylprednisolone is recognized as a glucocorticoid (or merely a corticosteroid) and is offered for it"s antiinflammatory and immunosuppresive effects. It deserve to be provided either quick term or long term for miscellaneous autoimmune disorders.

Now, there are A lot of cold drugs out there. We will list the most typical ingredients girlfriend may uncover over the counter and also if they room safe in terms of a drug communication with methylprednisolone. When trying to find cold medications, always look at the box for "active ingredients". Over there are lots of brand names out there but most of them contain similar ingredients. Let"s look in ~ a few:

Pain ReliefAcetaminophenIbuprofen Naproxen

All the these room over the respond to pain medications. Ibuprofen and also naproxen are likewise antiinflammatory agents. Depending upon the type of autoimmune disorder girlfriend have, antiinflammatory medications frequently aren"t recommended. Lock can reason bleeding issues. Also, administering them v methylprednisolone can reason some GI next effects. Paracetamol is yes sir to take in most situations so the is what I would certainly recommend. The is by far the most usual ingredient in multi-symptom cold medications.

Nasal Decongestant/Sinus PressurePseudoephedrinePhenylephrine

These space two various nasal decongestants take away by mouth. The pseudoephedrine tends to be much an ext effective. There is no communication with either and also methylprednisolone.


This is the only over the counter cough medication not consisting of various varieties of cough drops. This is OK come take through methylprednisolone together there is no interaction.


This is well-known as one expectorant and also helps break up mucus. It is OK to take v methylprednisolone.

Running Nose/Itchy Eyes/Sleep aid In night Formulations:DoxylamineDiphenhydramineChlorpheniramine

These room all antihistamines and also again, are OK come take v methylprednisolone.

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So really the only thing no recommended would be the anti-inflammatory pain medicines naproxen and ibuprofen. You must be yes sir in regards to interactions with everything else listed. Without learning your autoimmune disorder i can"t give a critical recommendation however hopefully this information helps you.