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Can i transfer extr games to the iPod?

Please note that this Q&A initially was written before Apple"s decision to open up the iPod touch/iPhone communication to third-party development. The iPod touch models are capable of running hundreds of third-party games. Apple discontinued "Click Wheel" iPod games completely on September 30, 2011, but the listed below answer still might be of interest for "historical" reference regarding these vintage iPod models.

Whether or no you have the right to transfer additional games to the iPod relies on the details model the iPod the you have.

The original and 2nd generation iPod did not officially have gamings at all, yet a straightforward game dubbed "Brick" -- whereby the player "breaks" a display full the bricks with a ball and also paddle -- is accessible as an easter egg.

Starting with the third generation iPod, Brick came to be official and also Solitaire and also Parachute (a straightforward shooter) were added to the heat up. Once the iPod models got color, the games likewise became available in color, but there still was no way to transfer additional games to the iPod.

With the arrival of the "Enhanced" fifth Generation iPod on September 12, 2006, Apple presented nine far more substantial games -- Vortex, Tetris, Pac-Mac, Cubis 2, Zuma, Texas Hold"em, Mini Golf, Mahjong, and Bejeweled -- that space compatible v all 5th Generation iPod models, including the original fifth Generation iPod.

On December 19, 2006, Apple introduced two brand-new games -- Sodoku and also Royal Solitaire -- likewise for the fifth Generation iPod models. Subsequently, Apple presented Ms. Pac-Man, Sims Bowling and Sims Pool, and other games.

Photo Credit: Apple, Inc.

These games were not compatible with any kind of iPods before or after the 5th Generation, any iPod nano models, or the iPod shuffle heat (obviously, provided that the iPod shuffle lacks a display). None space pre-installed, but each deserve to be purchase individually v iTunes. The games have to be moved to an iPod to play (they cannot be played directly in iTunes like other content).

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The iPod standard (6th Gen/Original) and also iPod nano (3rd Gen) models shipped -- and the iPod classic (6th Gen/Late 2008-2009) ships -- with versions that iQuiz, Klondike, and Vortex pre-installed, and extr games have been developed for individial purchase, however these models are not compatible with the gamings designed for the fifth Generation iPod models or the iPod touch models. In a less than client friendly move, Apple chose that users who to buy a video game for a 5th Generation iPod would have to buy that again in bespeak to usage the same game on the iPod standard models or the iPod nano 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, or fifth Gen.

The iPod nano (4th Gen) swapped out iQuiz for a Maze game and also continued to ship v Klondike and also Vortex. The iPod nano (5th Gen) has actually the same gamings as the predecessor. Thankfully, gamings that are compatible v the iPod classic (6th Gen/Original) and also iPod nano (3rd Gen) room compatible v the iPod classic (6G/Late 2008-2009) and iPod nano (4th Gen/5th Gen) as well.

On in march 6, 2008, apple formally released developers tools that opened the iPod touch (and iPhone) come third-party development, consisting of games, and also the floodgates have actually burst forth through thousands of games for acquisition via iTunes. Game development for the iPod classic and iPod nano models, however, ongoing to just be obtainable for pick parties and also essentially dried up.

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