The hymen made the end to it is in a price of virginity and also purity when all it really is, is a component of her body.

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The hymen is largely misunderstood - not just by guys but additionally women anywhere the world. That made out to it is in a symbol of virginity and purity as soon as all it yes, really is, is a component of your body.

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Medically speaking, having actually a hymen (or shedding it) no make any kind of difference to a who health. But the social push (in some cultures) to have actually an undamaged hymen at the time of marriage deserve to have a an unfavorable impact on psychological health. 


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Myths bordering the hymen are greatly to blame for this society pressure. Here’s a look in ~ the optimal 9 myths, and also the truth about them.

Myth 1: The hymen is a barrier and also it “breaks”.

The hymen is a membranous tissue that does not cover but surrounds the vaginal opening. Think of it together a curtain much more than a wall. It has actually a small opening in it currently - i m sorry is how menstrual blood and vaginal discharge comes out. So her hymen does no technically “break” however it can stretch. 

Myth 2: The hymen breaks the very first time you have actually sex (Or, hymen = “virgin”).

The hymen have the right to stretch or even tear during plenty of intense physical tasks like cycling, swimming, horse riding, etc. Usage of tampons and inserting other in your vagina (fingers, sex toys, etc) can likewise stretch the hymen. By the time you have actually sex because that the very first time, her hymen might already be thin enough for the to no be affected at all. 

Myth 3: you can’t usage a tampon or vaginal suppositories if your hymen is “intact”. 

Your hymen does no cover the whole vaginal opening. This method there is room for tampons and also vaginal suppositories to go through. In the rare instance of one abnormal hymen (one the covers most of or the entire vaginal opening), operation opening have the right to be explored. 

Myth 4: Masturbation division the hymen. 

Penetration (with fingers or object) can stretch the hymen. But one can masturbate without any penetration as well. Clitoral stimulation is just one of the finest ways for females to achieve orgasm. Exterior masturbation won’t reason your hymen to stretch at all. 

Myth 5: A gynaecologist deserve to tell if you have actually a hymen or no (and even if it is you’re a virgin) throughout a physics exam. 

Just favor vaginas, every hymen is unique. Some space smaller and also thinner, others space bigger and also thicker. It can be visible, or it couldn’t be. That appearance also changes through age. There is no hard and also fast dominion here. Therefore, a gynaecologist can not tell if you a virgin or no by act a physical exam because of the variation in different hymens and also because the lack of a hymen isn’t an indicator of sex-related activity. 

Myth 6: Every woman is born v a hymen. 

Not every female is born v a hymen. Together it plays no physiological role, this isn’t harmful at all. 

Myth 7: once the hymen stretches/tears, it hurts and causes bleeding. 

The stretching of a hymen does no necessarily reason pain - in fact, the can happen without your noticing it in ~ all. Pain throughout sex isn’t constantly caused by the hymen “breaking”, it have the right to be a mix of inexperience, anxiety and also inadequate preparation. 

Myth 8: Hymen can prosper back. 

Unlike the quality opening, once stretched, a hymen does not go back to its former shape or flourish back. 

Myth 9: assessing the hymen have the right to indicate even if it is a sexual attack took place. 

The hymen might or may not it is in damaged during the rape - and also therefore, an check of it can not confirm sexual abuse. Lacerations ~ above the hymen indigenous abuse deserve to not be identified from organic changes. A complete physical exam must be administered because that gathering proof of one assault.

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