I have played roughly with this type of mixture. It create a semi-gloss finish. You might also shot mixing apologize barrel through future floor complete if you are airbrushing. Future and also Apple Barrell likewise makes a nice semi gloss repaint that go on rather well. In my application I followed the color coats with a top coat the polycrylic come give every little thing an even gloss. Hope the helped.

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I have played approximately with this kind of mixture. It creates a semi-gloss finish. You can also shot mixing apologize barrel with future floor finish if you are airbrushing. Future and also Apple Barrell additionally makes a nice semi gloss paint that walk on quite well. In my applications I complied with the shade coats through a optimal coat the polycrylic come give whatever an even gloss. Hope the helped.-Trent
It"s no so much for the gloss yet for adhesion. Ns wondering really if polycrylic sticks better on foam 보다 paint. If that does then if friend mix in some paint to the polycrylic then perhaps it will stick better.I think I"ll just shot a couple of different things and see if noþeles combo functions better, IE: paint and also ploycrylic come wet out fiberglass.Thanks for the reply.

my process usually involves using polycrylic to apply fiberglass. I then use five or 6 coats the polycrylic on peak of the to fill the weave and build a good paint base. Ns have had actually the most luck spraying a basic coat the white h20 krylon indigenous a spray can and then using apple barrel paints thinned through future floor complete as trim colors. I then seal the totality paint task with polycrylic. This has resulted in the finest paint adhesion in all of the experiment I have actually done. Please write-up your results, i would like to see any type of other techniques that girlfriend come up with. Good Luck-Trent
When you males talk about polycrylic, room you talk water or enamel based? Also, in ~ the danger of sound stupid, what is apple barrel paint?Thanks,GW

When you guys talk around polycrylic, are you talking water or enamel based? Also, at the hazard of sound stupid, what is apologize barrel paint?Thanks,GW
Apple Barrel repaint is acrylic water based paint. It"s cheap at wall mart or micheals craft stores.Polycrylic is a water based, i think urethane. Perform a search and you will find alot that posts.EDIT:.....it says on the have the right to its acrylic.

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I make the efforts a bunch of stuff and it seems Krylon H2O white paint sticks the ideal as far as repaint over foam, even much better then H2O primer. Level Polycrylic and fiberglass sticks an extremely well also.
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