today I found out I had rotten food (bread and meat) inside a closed (I think) container within a bag. The bag had actually been smelly yet I couldn"t find the source until today. I instantly threw the away, but it had a nasty look: putrid smell, black-green-colored (hard come tell). I had actually felt the odor for quite a couple of days, maybe two weeks (though I doubt it had been concealed on the bag because that longer). Today, when throwing the away, i obviously smelled it as soon as again.

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I did wash my hands thoroughly, but I"m still concerned this can be dangerous. I"m no feeling any kind of symptoms, however should i be worried about the potential consequences? i was close come the source, and smelled it, plenty of times. May be either fungi or anaerobic (even aerobic?) bacteria were involved, and these can give some nasty infections, i think.

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Far be it because that me to give medical advice together I am no a doctor, but the likelihood that the mold you encountered was toxicity is pretty small and I would not it is in worried. The said, if you were to begin developing any type of kind the symptom, your best place come ask around it would be her doctor and also not ~ above the internet ;)

The visibility of black color mold doesn"t guarantee the it is the the kind that anyone fears to uncover in your homes, and also even if it was it doesn"t median that there are mycotoxins present and that you must be worried. Toxic mold have the right to actually come in a selection of colours, and also isn"t minimal to one genus/species.

I have also thrown the end plenty the "science experiments" indigenous my fridge that compelled me opened containers to clean them the end with an extremely questionable looking growth of mold, and also have proficient no really illness, regardless of how mine stomach can turn based on the smell.

As for bacterial concerns, unless you gained some the what was in the bag right into an open wound or mucous membrane, you have actually nothing to worry around there.

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For reference, ns studied microbiology in college and also worked in biotech because that a while before moving come "greener" pastures. I"ve additionally done study specifically right into black mold together we had a concern in mine previous house.