Kota Kinabalu: pregnant is theoretically feasible with finger dipped in semen and inserted into the vagina," stated Consultant Obstetrician and also Gynaecologist, Dr Sarva Kanapathipillai. He, however, has actually not dearteassociazione.orge throughout such a situation personally. Dispelling doubts, he claimed sperm have the right to survive if preserved at human body temperature in semen because that hours.

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"Personally, I have examined a semen sample ~ three hrs of collection and also found there to be a fair amount that viable sperms. If you expose semen to warm or if the dries up, then it won"t survive," Dr Sarva clarified.

"This (collection) is what we carry out for infertile couples where the husband offers a sperm sample. Then sperm washing is done to acquire the best quality sperms which room then transferred to the womb."

Such process, he said, takes 60 to 90 minutes, adding "I acquire a result of 30pc pregnancy with this method."

He was responding come a day-to-day Express query on whether pregnancy is possible with sperm smeared digital vaginal penetration as declared in the case of 60-year-old Bunya Jalong that walked out cost-free on might 7 ~ the Sarawak Court of Appeal discovered his four rape convictions unsound.

Bunya was convicted in 2013 the raping a 15-year-old girl in May, June, July and also August 2011 in a Sibu hotel. The victim ended up being pregnant and gave bear to a child on Feb 5, 2012. DNA exam had also proved that Bunya was the dad of the baby.

The accused had actually said in court that he smeared his very own finger v his semen, which he later inserted into the dearteassociazione.orgplainant"s vagina.

Consultant Obstetrician and also Gynaecologist, Dr john Teo claimed there is a difference between theoretical opportunity of just how a mrs or girl can gain pregnant, and also documented evidence of such a pregnant occurring.

"So far, i am not conscious of any type of case conceived by sperm smeared digital vaginal penetration. And my internet search through significant medical publication did no yield any kind of case reports of together nature," the said.
Asked around sperm survival, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Helen Lasimbang stated the sperm will certainly die if left outside within a short while.

"It"s really unlikely one gets pregnant if fingered after touching the sperm. The sperm should be a lot and wet, then just one can obtain pregnant," she sharp out.

It is an overwhelming to speak in the case in concern whether it was just seminal stain top top the finger or a enough pool of liquid (containing the sperm), a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, who asked for anonymity, opined.

"Pregnancy is not feasible if the sperm is simply deposited ~ above the perineum (area in between the anus and vulva). However, pregnant can happen as long as the sperm is within the private part (vaginal). That is feasible for active sperm up to the Fallopian tube to meet and also fertilise the egg," she said.

Former QEH doctor, Dr Shelly Bhardwaj feels the sometimes, it"s no just about an "open and also shut case" however rather one agonizing plea to be looked into seriously.

"In this 20th century, and at the height of modern-day technology and advanced scientific methods, the is but puzzling and also with a heavy heart come digest the decision of "acquittal" that the 60-year-old Sarawakian man," she said.
Echoing the sentiments of ladies in general, she stated justice absolutely has been unfair and also unjust to a young 15-year-old minor who is a child herself and now the "mother" of "his" child (as proven in DNA tests).

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"When will it stop? when will the legislations be accordingly amended? exactly how many much more children are to it is in scarred physically and emotionally and robbed the a happy childhood?" Dr Bhardwaj asked.

Given that so many pertinent inquiries are left to it is in pondered, the doctor stressed that it is high time for fair equality and justice to prevail "so the each individual has the best that that or she is therefore deserving of."