Hot dogs are a very delicious food that have the right to be carried out in ~ parties, barbecues, and mealtimes. However, hot dogs often come in large quantities the cannot always be eaten right away. Luckily for us, hot dogs can be frozen and also defrosted in ~ a later time so the you don’t need to waste any kind of food. 

Today we’ll be spring at how you freeze warm dogs without the bun and onions, how to defrost the meat, and also factors to consider before freezing your hot dogs. You deserve to freeze hot dogs in their original packaging and also separate. 


While hot dogs can be left in the refrigerator for a main after opening the packaging, the meat can remain in the freezer for approximately 2 months. As you can see, there are great benefits to freeze leftover warm dogs. Let’s take it a look at at exactly how you’d go about doing this. 

How to Freeze warm Dogs

Freezing warm dogs in their original packaging might sound enticing and easy, yet you’ll regret it when you’re trying to defrost a block of frozen warm dogs in the initial brine. Alternatively, you can freeze your hot dogs separately so girlfriend don’t have actually this problem. 

To freeze the warm dogs separately, girlfriend will need some wax paper, a freezer bag, and also your leftover warm dogs. Just lay a sheet of wax paper out top top a table and also place fifty percent of your warm dogs on peak of it near the top edge.

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Fold the wax document over the warm dogs so the there space gaps between the meat. You deserve to place the other half of the hot dogs in in between these gaps. There should be no warm dogs poignant each various other as the wax paper is in in between them. 

Now you can fit the wrapped warm dogs right into the freezer bag. Don’t forget to create the day on the freezer bag so that you don’t forget exactly how long the hot dogs have remained in the freezer. Psychic that warm dogs continue to be in the freezer because that up to 2 months, so nothing surpass this date. 

Place the hot dogs right into the freezer and also wait for them to appropriately freeze. This need to take up to 24 hours. See, freezing warm dogs is incredibly easy and also quick come do. Utilizing the an approach above allows you to grab one hot dog quite than defrosting them every at once.

How to Defrost hot Dogs

There are a few different approaches on just how to defrost your hot dogs, therefore you’ll have actually to discover which is the finest for your an individual preference and also circumstances. The very first method is the quickest - utilizing the defrost role on a microwave. 

Take the variety of hot dogs the you require out that the freezer bag and also put lock on a microwavable plate. Make sure that they’re no overlapping one another. Place a paper towel over the warm dogs to soak up all the water that will certainly come the end of the hot dogs. 

Use the microwave on 30% power and also cook them for 30 seconds to one-minute increments in ~ a time. You’ll have to keep checking the meat so that they don’t start cooking. Make sure that lock are totally thawed every the means through prior to cooking them. 

The second method is to location the warm dogs in a new freezer bag and also put that in a bowl of cold water. Make certain that the bag is completely done increase so the none of the water reaches the hot dogs. 

Check the warm dogs every fifty percent an hour for up to 2 hours. Examine them by squeezing the hot dogs easy to check out if lock soft come touch or not. As soon as they’re thawed you can chef them right away.

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The final option is to defrost your warm dogs in the refrigerator. Take them the end of the freezer and place castle on a dish. Leave them in the frozen refrigerator for as much as 24 hours to ensure that the hot dogs are correctly thawed before cooking them. 

Factors to Consider prior to Freezing hot Dogs

So, we’ve established that you deserve to freeze warm dogs, but the inquiry is - need to you? There are a few factors come consider prior to freezing her leftover warm dogs. The first consideration is that you’ll have to remove your hot dogs from their initial packaging before freezing them.

If girlfriend don’t and also freeze an unopened package of hot dogs, the liquid within the packaging will additionally freeze and prove to be very difficult to rest apart. Doing this will typical that you need to defrost all of the hot dogs at once, which can still result in wasted food. 

For this reason, us think the our technique of utilizing wax paper to store the warm dogs separated is the best method to frozen them. Having actually said that, some world prefer to freeze them v the brine still roughly the hot dogs. 

If you’d favor to frozen the brine and the warm dogs, bear in mind that you’d have to defrost all of the meat at as soon as when you want to use them next. One more consideration is that hot dogs carry out not critical as long as other foods in the freezer. 

Hot dogs deserve to remain in the freezer because that up to two months, for this reason make certain you understand when you first froze them to avoid getting ill from poor hot dogs. 


To amount up, you can absolutely freeze her leftover warm dogs if you don’t desire to cook all of them in ~ once. You have the right to either freeze them v some well-placed wax file or in the original packaging, however we prefer the former method. 

There room three methods to defrost hot dogs - the microwave, the refrigerator, or v cold water. Each functions fine yet everyone appears to have a choice on how to defrost their warm dogs. The microwave is the quickest technique and the frozen fridge is the slowest. 

Before you frozen your hot dogs, make sure that you take into consideration the benefits and also drawbacks of freeze the meat in the original brine or not.