Find yourself with too lot shellfish on her hands? Oysters and clams must last a week in a refrigerator, but still: probably you dug too countless clams at a farm yard day, or notified a 5 lb bag as soon as 3 pounds would have actually done it. Everything the case, here"s our best advice!

Hint: that mainly consists of freezing them... For this reason the location of this post.. But there are a couple of other hot tips too.

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Shucked Oysters:

Freeze them. They frozen beautifully. You can freeze the oysters straight in the parcel they come in (10 oz jar / pint container / half gallon bag) or in a ziplock freezer bag. Shot to use within 3 months.

Some of our favourite recipes because that shucked oysters encompass fried, oyster casserole, or in an oyster roll. More shucked recipes here.


Freeze them!

Steam the clams open. Get an elaborate by adding ingredients favor wine, butter, garlic... Or just vapor them plain. To make reservation the liquid. Remove the seashells meat native the shell, and put the clams in a waterproof container (like a tupperware through a snap on lid). To water the reserved clam steaming liquid over the clam meat, and also pop into the freezer. Shot to use within 3 months.

After friend defrost, we recommend transforming the seashells meat right into clam butter or the seriously exceptional sport dip. You can also add to a chowder... Discover clam recipes here, and also find advice ~ above storing her clams in the frozen refrigerator here.

Oysters in the Shell:

... Wait because that it... Wait for it... Frozen them! several of our client freeze oysters whole, simply by popping the whole critter in a freezer bag. We don"t really recommend that... Yet that"s mainly due to the fact that we haven"t do the efforts it. Us recommend shucking the oysters, and also then dropping the meats and also as much of the liquid together you have the right to into the freezer bag.

Another option: you have the right to also vapor the oysters open and also then pickle them, which offers them a refrigerated shelf life of at least 6 weeks. Or, you can smoke oysters! We"ll include instructions because that pickling and smoking soon.

One rapid reminder: frozen oysters are an excellent for cooking but we don"t recommend eat them raw. They"re for sure to eat, however they"ve lost all your vitality (in other words: once you freeze them, they"re dead, for this reason just chef them).

And, if friend missed it: here"s advice for exactly how to keep oysters in the covering at home, so the they"ll last approximately a week.

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If you"ve obtained oysters ~ above hand and also are in search of advice about preparing them, below are our travel guide for how to grill oysters, and also how come shuck oysters. Look for much more oyster recipes here.