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There’s one point that’s important horrifying for most if not all UC Berkeley students: failing one exam. It sucks, particularly if you had actually previously believed you’d done well. It doesn’t have to be the end of the human being though. There are still means you deserve to come the end of this v a grade she proud of or at least an unscathed GPA. Here are part tips to obtain you v in situation this true fear befalls you.

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Extra credit

Many classes have a means for friend to acquire a few more added points. Take those methods when you have the right to — it’s more than likely the easiest means to bump your grade. Just don’t afflict your professors because that extra credit avenues when castle haven’t readily available any. That’ll just be rude.

Go come office hours

If girlfriend really want to do much better in a class, her GSI or professor will have actually a much better idea of how to do so than part list on the net will. They can aid you with any type of topics you’re struggling through or just give you advice on studying and also the like. Go to them questioning for help, and also chances are that they’ll be more than willing to lend a hand.

Pass/no pass 

If you’re important scared around your grade, and also it’s prior to the deadline, you can switch the course to the pass/no happen option. That means that also if friend fail the class, that won’t affect your GPA. If it’s a course you have to take for her major, yes sir a possibility that if friend fail, you have the right to retake it and also have the nonfailing grade show up on her transcript. If the an elective or you’re just doing it for units, you deserve to pass/no pass. 

Talk to an adviser

If you’re looking for an ext advice, an academic adviser will be able to give the to you. They won’t be as versed through the details details the the class, however they can aid you with the larger picture. They can help you if things perform go not correct by figuring out your schedule because that future semesters and letting girlfriend know just how this event will influence your future career, if it all. If you’re worried the this failed test will damage your future, they’re the right civilization to go to for advice.

Don’t panic

This isn’t necessarily the end of the world. You’ll gain through this as you did v all the other an overwhelming things in college. It might seem quite scary ideal now, yet you’re in the thick of it. Just keep relocating forward, and try to execute the finest you can in all her classes — that’s every anybody deserve to ask of you.

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Failing a midterm will never ever feel specifically good. If this has happened come you, hopefully things have actually gotten much better or will certainly be better soon. For the rest of you, an excellent luck with every one of your exams so the you’ll never require this list.