The complimentary video messaging service ooVoo may have been beneficial once, however many customers discover themselves wanting come delete one old ooVoo account. Whether you desire to prevent unpleasant call or simply use a different video clip chat service, you deserve to use this post to learn exactly how to delete one ooVoo account. Despite it cannot be completely deleted, you deserve to still get rid of it.

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How come Delete ooVoo Account on a computer in 9 basic Steps

Start the ooVoo application on her computer and login to your account if necessary.
Click ~ above “My Profile” and then pick the “Edit mine Profile” option.Replace your screen Name through something favor the indigenous “Closed” or “Deleted” to get rid of your information.
Remove your profile picture and change it through a empty image.Go to “Settings” and pick the “Privacy” option next.Set your find profile come “No one” so her account will not it is in searchable.
Go come the “Emails” area the the setups page and also uncheck every the boxes labeled “Notifications” to stop any notifications from being emailed come you.
Logout of your ooVoo account.Uninstall the regime from your computer.

How to Delete ooVoo Account on a cell phone in 7 easy Steps

Open the ooVoo application on your smartphone and also login to your account if you are not currently signed in.Tap the “Display Name” button at the optimal of the application to edit your display screen name. Replace the genuine name with “Closed” or “Deleted.”Click your profile photo to open a drop under menu and also then pick the “Settings” option.Go to “Privacy and Security” and readjust the search settings so no one deserve to search for you.Delete your snapshot or replace it v a blank image.Logout that the app.Delete the ooVoo app from your phone.

How come Delete oovoo Account last Words

These procedures will stop anyone native viewing your ooVoo information or contacting you v ooVoo. If you decision you desire to usage it again, you have the right to reinstall that at any kind of time. For an ext assistance in removing details from your ooVoo account, you have the right to submit a help request with ooVoo’s website.

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