Serana is a unique character that was an initial introduced in the Dawnguard DLC because that Skyrim. Here"s whatever you might not know around her!

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Serana is a unique character that was very first introduced in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim. Players very first get a possibility to connect with this character at the beginning of the DLC and will proceed to type a partnership with she throughout the questline.

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Serana is a Vampire Lord, and also she is a very an effective character both in regards to intelligence and in her magical abilities. Serena go hide a few secrets, as does every vampire in the Volkihar clan, and as such, over there are numerous things that players can learn about her if lock take the time to research into Serana and also her amazing backstory.

regardless of even if it is or not the player finishes the Dawnguard questline, Serana will certainly forever be considered to be an important character, and as such, she can not be eliminated by any kind of means.

This is good for football player that desire to save Serana together a companion for the remainder of the game since she won"t have the ability to get eliminated by adversaries that the Dragonborn is fighting. A the majority of players let go the fact that Serana will certainly stay vital even after finishing the main questline in the DLC.

some players might be wonder if they room able to marry Serana after ~ finishing the Dawnguard DLC; however, the is actually impossible to carry out so. The player is able come marry Serana v mods.

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Although it is not possible to marry Serana, the is possible to questioning for she hand in marriage if the player is attract an Amulet of Mara. Serana will certainly respond the she doesn"t think that it is the best fit and also isn"t interested in being married come the Dragonborn, but she still considers castle to it is in a an excellent friend.

Serana has Nord blood, which may come together a surprise to fans that would suppose her to be an imperial or Breton. Serena does not have a Nord accent, and also she watch a lot much more similar to an imperial than a Nord.

back Serana"s race isn"t at all necessary to the Dawnguard DLC"s story, however it is an exciting tidbit about Serana the a the majority of Players totally overlooked if playing through the DLC.

It may seem that Serana would only organize resentment in the direction of her father because her mother, Valerica, tried to conserve her native Harkon"s plan. However, Serana dislikes the an option that her mommy made by sealing she away and also feels the she wasn"t permitted to make this decision by herself.

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as soon as players think about all the factors affiliated in the situation, it is straightforward to view Serena"s next of the story and understand why she is uncomfortable at both her mother and also father. It"s simple to miss out on that Serana hold resentment in the direction of her mother due to the fact that it is just briefly pointed out in dialogue throughout the DLC.

most companions in Skyrim don"t have really much distinct dialogue; however, this is one factor that Serana is fully unique.

Serana has amazing dialogue relating to she being a vampire, and she also makes plenty of other comments while the player and also she are experimenting Skyrim. Serena will especially respond if the player is in a scenic ar or if they are external while the sunlight is shining.

Serana was born in the 2nd Era, which means that she lived hundreds of years before the events of Skyrim. many players are aware that Serana is indigenous a time the is not their own; however, the is uncertain to countless fans precisely which era she"s actually from.

since Serena resided in the 2nd Era, she perception that the civilization is an extremely different come the Dragonborn, even to an extent that isn"t have to noticeable during dialogue through her.

This nickname to be granted through Molag Bal since Coldharbour is his Daedric realm. Players will hear this nickname if they research right into the backstory that the Volkihar vampire clan.

Not just is Serana described as a "Daughter that Coldharbour", yet her mother and other ladies that room Vampire Lords are also commonly described as this nickname within the lore of the Elder Scrolls franchise and also the Dawnguard DLC.

If the Dragonborn has sided with the Dawnguard when playing through the DLC, climate they will obtain to experience Isran and other vampire hunters talking down to Serana and also acting together if she is a vile creature.

~ finishing the DLC and also defeating Harkon, Isran and also other Dawnguard members will adjust their tune and also start acting nicer towards Serana because it seems that she has actually proved her worth to them. Several of this conversation is simple to miss due to the fact that it occurs very briefly and also only if the player sides through the Dawnguard.

after meeting with the Dragonborn for the an initial time, Serana is doubtful of the Dragonborn and what their intentions are. Serana is right to be skeptical because she doesn"t understand the true intentions the the Dawnguard or the Dragonborn.

What players might not know around this is that Serana will refuse come share one inventory v the player, among other regulates that many followers would generally listen to. Lots of players let go this lack of to trust when first running right into Serana in the form of her restricted companion commands.

that is feasible to cure Serana of she vampirism after finishing the Dawnguard DLC. Serana deserve to be taken to Falion, who lives in Morthal, and he is able to cure her of her vampirism through performing a ritual, this can additionally be done for the player if they great to healing their very own vampirism.

So numerous players missed the truth that that is feasible to cure Serana of she vampirism, and also it"s no surprise because there are countless players the wouldn"t want to cure she in the an initial place.

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