Rabies is a condition caused by a virus uncovered in the saliva the infected animals. In the United says of America, it is most typically found in bats, raccoons, skunks, and also foxes but any wild mammal can carry it – yet an additional reason to store coyotes away from your yard. While relatively rare, even in wild animals, the outcomes of contracting this disease are so damaging that that is ideal to take it seriously and also take measures to stop its transmission, however unlikely it might seem. 

Any warm-blooded pet can contract rabies, including humans. When the symptoms of the condition present themselves, there is, unfortunately, naught that can be done to prevent the disease’s progression. The is why inoculation in cats and also dogs, and also rapid treatment in various other animals and people that may have been exposed, room so vital.

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How perform Dogs obtain Rabies?

Dogs most regularly get exposed come rabies when they come into contact with infected wildlife or, less likely, infected dogs and also cats. The virus deserve to be discovered in large numbers in the saliva that infected animals and so the many common means for the disease to be transmitted is through a bite from an infected animal.

The disease can also be sent to your dog through an open wound or the membrane of their eyes if either comes in contact with infected saliva. This can also happen v unseen sores or irritations inside her dog’s mouth so it is important to never let him or she chew, lick or role in a freshly dead animal.

Thankfully, the rabies virus does not live very long external of a host’s body or in the flesh that has actually been dead long enough to have actually cooled. Also if her dog is one that constantly seems to uncover the stinky dead point to roll in, the hazard of contracting rabies in that means is virtually nonexistent.

What to carry out If Your suspect Exposure

Any time the your dog is bitten her pet need to be watched by your vet. If you witnessed the bite happen, and also it was a pet cat or dog that did it, the is ideal to detain that animal until you can verify the it has had its rabies vaccination.

If girlfriend did not view the bite and/or it came from a stray pet or wildlife then your dog will need to be quarantined for as much as 6 month or, tragically, euthanized, if they carry out not have actually a existing rabies vaccination.

These rules might seem harsh however the dangers of letting a rabid animal loosened on an unsuspecting public room harsher. The best means to avoid any kind of of this and to protect your family and also neighborhood from these threats is to save your dog’s rabies vaccinations as much as date.

Symptoms that Rabies

A dog might not begin to show symptoms the rabies for quite some time after gift infected (1). This prolonged incubation period is the reason for a an extensive quarantine in cases of suspected exposure. Thankfully, rabies in dogs, and other creatures, have the right to only it is in transmitted ~ symptoms have appeared. 

There space two varieties of rabies infections, both happen when the rabies virus has actually made its method through the nervous device to the animal’s mind and begun to make transforms there.

Furious rabies is the kind that fear movies room made about. The clinical indications of this type of rabies in dogs, include the pet becoming an extremely aggressive and perhaps eat strange things including dirt, concrete, wood, or other indigestible material. This is followed by paralysis, starting with the face and neck. The infected dog will drool copiously and also will not have the ability to eat or drink. Eventually, they will begin to have actually seizures and die. 


Rabies vaccines start in puppyhood and also boosters must be given every 2 years to save your dog fully protected. Your vet will provide you one of two people a tag, a certificate, or both to verify that your dog has been vaccinated. Save the tags on her dog’s collar and the certificate handy in case the must prove her dog has been vaccinated arises. This might happen if her dog is bitten or if your dog bites you, one more person, or another pet.

If friend have an ext exotic mammals for pets there might not be a rabies vaccine approved for them. Talk to your vet because that suggestions. It might be wise just not to own wild creatures as pets, specifically raccoons, skunks, foxes, and bats together they it seems ~ to be the most vulnerable to rabies infections.

Dogs get rabies by comes in call with the saliva or blood of infected animals. While it may not be feasible to stop exposure, it is feasible to prevent infection in dogs. Maintaining your dog increase to date with his rabies vaccines will not just prevent infection but will additionally eliminate the must quarantine or euthanize your beloved girlfriend in situations of doubt exposure.


Can a dog obtain rabies without being bitten?

The rabies virus is sent through the saliva of one infected animal. If bites room by far the most typical mode of infection from one animal to another, the is feasible for the virus to get in the body through an currently existing wound if it comes into contact with one infected animal’s saliva. 

Do all dog bites reason rabies?

No. The vast majority of dog bites perform not reason rabies. Once you think about how numerous dogs there are in America, the incidence the rabies epidemic is an extremely low, with just 400 to 500 situations reported annually. The only means for a dog bite to transmit rabies is if the biting pet has an active rabies infection.

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How do pets get rabies without being bitten?

An pet can acquire rabies without being bitten if they have an open wound and also they come into call with an infected animal’s blood or saliva. These wounds do not need to be huge and maybe little cuts or irritations in your dog’s mouth. Never ever let your dog lick, roll in, or even sniff at a dead animal.

Can a dog obtain rabies from eat something?

The only means a dog might get rabies from eating something would certainly be if that something to be a recently dead animal that had actually been infected v rabies. The virus go not survive for very long external of a organize nor will certainly it be present in a dead pet that has started to decompose. There is no hazard of contracting rabies from any processed foods, rawhides, or even raw meat that has actually been refrigerated.