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AVERAGE a statistics meausre to identify a single score that defines the center of a distribution. The score of main tendency is to uncover the solitary score that is most typical or most representative that the entire group.The median vaule deserve to then be offered to carry out a basic description of the entire population or sample. - an excellent also for making comparisons.Describe a huge set that data v a single, representative number.NO single measure will constantly produce a central, representative value in every situation.
ARITHMETIC AVERAGE: for a circulation is the sum of the scores separated by the variety of scores.Sum every the scores then division by the NMean because that a sample is identifed by M or x-bar.Population average - Mew=MX/NSample typical - x-bar = MX/n
The score that divides a circulation in half so the 50% the the people in the distribution have scores in ~ or below the medianDetermine the midpoint
FASHIONABLE: distribution, the mode is the score or group that has the biggest frequencyUseful measure up of central tendency since it have the right to be supplied to recognize the common or average value for any scale that measurment, consisting of a nominal scaleex. A restaurant name
When are a couple of extreme scores, the mean might not it is in a good representative the the bulk of the distribution. They deserve to have too lot influence and also cause the average to be displaced- because it provides all the scores equally. Therefore the median is offered when reporting the typical value for a it was crooked distribution
What happens if there are undetermined values. Ex: if someone does not complete a test that is based on time because they couldn"t number out how to carry out the puzzle?
It is difficult to compute the average for this data because of the undetermined value. That IS possible to compute the median...in the middle, the score...including the data "Never finished"

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A distribution is stated to be open finished when over there is NO top LIMIT for among the categories - the 20 families.ex. "5 or an ext children" - open ended category....you can"t uncover the total variety of children for every 20 families.Can find the MEDIAN! not the mean.