Most world are amazed when they watch young girls and boys tumbling across a gym floor. If girlfriend aren’t acquainted with gymnastics events, the athletes might look superhuman.

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Many older children (12+) frequently wonder if it’s too old for them to start gymnastics classes. The prize everyone wants to hear is “no, it’s not too old”. People will phone call you, “you have the right to start gymnastics at any age”. And, guess: v what? It’s true!

In fact, even adults who construct an attention in gymnastics can start entertain classes. Yet, as soon as deciding if you space too old to begin classes, friend have, to be honest around your expectations.

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Do you desire to compete? perform you simply want to acquire toned? Here, we will certainly go over topics often disputed when someone is considering even if it is they want to start gymnastics classes.

Do you desire to compete? entertain vs. Vain Gymnastics

You may be sitting on her couch watching the Olympians tackle the balance beam and also think to yourself, I want to carry out that someday.

Olympic gymnastics athletes begin their careers early. Some may have also started tumbling together young as 2 years old. That’s impressive, right?

Now think about this, the average retirement the a experienced female gymnast is 16 to 25. Male gymnasts usually height a small later than ladies gymnasts, castle retire somewhere between 17 and 25.

In all honesty, if you room older than 12, you might be too old to start gymnastics classes, do a compete team, and move up. I’m not saying it’s impossible, yet it is improbable.

The factor it is difficult for who older than 12 to do a competition team and also move up level is due to the training and also time needed to obtain to upstream status. Some girls start at 4 years the age and also still won’t do it to elite status.

Instead of authorized a traditional competition team, who older than 12 might want to sign up with a to chat class. Some gyms may even have classes simply for tweens and teens. If you space interested in tumbling, girlfriend may be able to find a tumbling only course too.

An larger gymnast may want to consider a gym that has Xcel competition teams. The Xcel program allows girls that wouldn’t have the ability to compete in traditional gymnastics competitions to be able to compete.

Xcel programs have various rules than other programs and allow for adaptations that allow girls to perform moves the are much easier for them.

When is it also late to begin gymnastics?

From the information above, you may think it’s as well late to start gymnastics if you are older 보다 12. That’s not true! Anyone have the right to start gymnastics at any type of age.

What we space trying to convey in the information over is the you most likely won’t it is in an Olympian or get a scholarship if you begin gymnastics end the period of 12. But that shouldn’t always be her goal anyway. Gymnastics has an ext to sell than most world realize.

There are countless other factors to take gymnastics classes. Gymnastics is among the just sports that functions the whole body. What this way is the you will acquire toned and also improve your physicality by taking a gymnastics class. 

Pole vaulters, cheerleaders, football players, and many others can enjoy the fitness the gymnastics supplies at any kind of age.

Don’t allow your age discourage friend from taking gymnastics class

The bottom heat is you shouldn’t let your age discourage you from starting classes. Instead of worrying about whether you room too old for a program, it’s necessary to think about what your expectations are.

If someone wants to take recreational gymnastics classes in ~ a local gym, they have to go because that it! Whether their 17 or 35, the course will assist them become toned, much more flexible, and feel good.

But, if your 16-year-old daughter wants to start classes for the an initial time, it’s essential to talk about expectations. She more than likely won’t compete and may struggle with few of the most facility movements. But, none of this is a reason not to begin classes. Anyone can gain something out of a gymnastics class!

How old were you or your child as soon as they started gymnastics and also do girlfriend think it to be a great decision? permit us recognize in the comment!



If you desire something bad enough, period is not a limit. Forget expectations. Expectation are just another means to discourage world who have actually dreams. I started gymnastics as soon as I to be 4. Competed and won at regionals in ~ 5 years old. Coaches have always said I’m a natural. Mine coaches daughter, who did complete in the Olympics, wanted to take me under her wing and also begin my job in gymnastics. But my dreams of contending in the Olympics were crushed once my dad compelled me out if gymnastics. We had actually the money come continue, but he pulled me out of it anyway.

I moved to my mom’s as soon as I to be 12, began tumbling and then had actually to quit because that awhile, on account of financial issues and bullies. People will discourage you because if it to be them, they wouldn’t think they could achieve the same dream friend have. Because they don’t have actually the same passion or dedication as you. They only have actually their reality and also their “expectations”. So don’t listen to negativity. Take what you desire in life. No matter how old you are. Period can it is in a setback. However that only means you’ll have to work that much harder.

I’m virtually 17 now. I’m trying to get back into it. Since its something ns love. It’s not difficult to still make Olympics yet at this point, it’s not my dream anymore. I’d fairly serve mine country, together a 68W (combat medic).

I would have gotten back into it sooner however I played football from 13-15 and also got a negative ankle injury. Couldn’t walk there is no a limp because that 5 months. Currently I’m in an online school. And I don’t have a soccer team.

I’ve been absent gymnastics for a while now. So I decided to sloop down my fears of being also old come get ago into it and just perform It! Yes, ns am much behind from various other gymnasts. The only means I should work that much much more harder to obtain to wherein they are. It’s going come take hours upon hrs of tough work together with blood sweat and also tears into dedication and sacrifice. And being an online student has actually its exclusive right of time management. I have much more hours in a day.

So execute what renders you happy.A guy once claimed the sky was the limit…and then due to the fact that of a particular competition between Russia and also the US, we landed someone on the moon. No issue the expectations.

Expectations are never the exact same as reality.You’re the one who is in charge of your reality and you make your own expectations.

I wish you all the best!! Never give up! OK? Fight because that your very own reality that renders you happy. Don’t settle, negotiate with life and take what you want to do you happy!



I first want to give thanks to you for her comment, my surname is Cara and also I am among the blog authors for every Gymnasts (this blog).

Your comment was extremely inspiring and also I desire to apologize because that the points you have actually been through. I am i m really sorry you to be pulled the end of gymnastics also though you had actually such a enthusiasm for it, yet it walk not typical that to be the end of your gymnastics career!

I need to agree with every little thing you stated: ns don’t think people should worry about how old they space to desire to perform something…if you desire to do something, go ahead and do it! We just live in this one life and why have to we allow other world have manage on what we do? It kills me when people look ago on remorse for points that have actually not done but wanted to do. Everyone need to live your life how they want to!

I to be so happy come hear the you room getting ago into gymnastics! i am very close to a Level 9 Gymnast that just started homeschool this year to work-related towards her dream of coming to be an elite Gymnast. I remember her informing me the going to school was difficult for she in a means because she was practicing gymnastics for hours and hours, act homework throughout lunch recess, and also even had actually to get in school so late or pulled out early on just to make mandatory practices. She would tell me how other girls wouldn’t exactly encompass her since her enthusiasm was gymnastics and also no one else taken her. She called me she was always shy and quiet yet when she was exercise she was constantly herself since her gymnastics team taken her. Gymnasts understand Gymnasts.

Gymnastics is a an extremely hard sport that includes all the tears, sweat, and even blood! I believe that you space doing the right thing and also I great nothing however the finest for you! girlfriend are certainly one motivational, courageous, unique individual- never ever let anyone protect against YOU indigenous what YOU desire to carry out as well!

Good Luck,



Hi my name is Sarah, and also I to be a 34 year old gymnast who competes at the college club level. Ns was a level 4 gymnast once I was 11, however I gave up gymnastics once I to be 13 since of homelife issues.

I constantly wanted to get ago into gymnastics, but the whole time I was in my 20’s I believed I was too old, and I believed that over there weren’t any type of gyms that would permit me. That wasn’t until I to be 29 year old that i really obtained afraid that i would never ever do gymnastics again, so as improbable as it sounded, I decided to get back into it. So, that took end a year to obtain my leg with straight arms and straight legs, it took favor 8 month to kick over, and also it took around 3 years because that me to carry out backwalkover again. I must also point out that I uncovered a gym to take it me in when I was 29 and aid me with bar skills. The gym owner assumed it was crazy yet it watched me go from being 29 and 120 pounds to being 32 and being 100 pounds and doing earlier walkovers on the beam.

So rapid forward to now, I’m 34, and also I deserve to do every ability I might do as a kid, and many countless more. Due to the fact that I go to college, ns am able to compete at the NAIGC competitions. It is so awesome to carry out gymnastics in ~ 34. Also, because I have worked so difficult on mine flexibility and keep my weight at 100 pounds, I can do the an abilities easily. My earlier is so flexible, and also I can also touch my toes to mine head again; which took a very long time to obtain back!

I just wanted to share this, hope it will inspire.

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I am 12 and I’m not certain if mine parents would certainly let me start gymnastics. They speak I’m also old. I check out these comments and it is really inspiring. I did gymnastics as soon as I was 2 however my parents traction me out since I was afraid that the bar. I’m not anymore however they won’t let me. Lock say the they don’t have actually enoug money. Lock are structure a house and also I have been asking due to the fact that before. Choose 3 year before. Which way I to be 7 or 8. I desire them to lastly say yes and also find a class. They have no idea exactly how much I want to it is in a gymnast and also be able to shed weight and fit in with my friends. They all do gymnastics. They are likewise skinny. I just want my parents to listen.