My carport has actually been painted by the vault owner. How might I eliminate the repaint to apply epoxy, or is over there a kind of paint I could overlay there is no peel up? thanks for any kind of help.

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If the existing repaint is still sticking well to the concrete, and if you use a high quality epoxy primer, there"s a great chance the it will certainly not fail. Yet I doubt any agency would guaranty that application. Your ideal avenue would be to eliminate the current paint.There space 3 typical ways to remove old coatings...STRIPPING / SCRAPING:A stripper solution deserve to be applied to formerly coated concrete surfaces, and the old coatings may be scraped off using a repaint scraper. Depending upon the properties of previous coatings, and also the striping product gift used, many stripper applications may be required. The stripper and also scraper alone may not adequately remove particular coatings, in which situation mechanical methods, like grinding or shooting blasting, might be better options.GRINDING / SURFACING:Grinding may be offered to remove existing coatings, and level out high spots. This method uses horizontal rotating disk(s) to leaving a smooth surface texture; therefore smooth you may need to rough it increase a bit with high press water or a chemical etch. For the Do-It-Yourselfer this can be the ideal method. Grinders are accessible for rental at countless “big box” stores and also construction tools rental yards. A good model come look because that is the EDCO bowl grinder with their Dyma-Serts (avoid “stones,” they generally aren"t aggressive enough). See equipment supplier for applications, use instructions, and also precautions.SHOT BLASTING:Shot blasting gets rid of thin coatings, cleans the concrete surface, and also gives her floor a turbulent profile. A degreaser may be essential prior to shot-blasting if floor has actually an build-up of grease and also oil. Shoot blasting can be aggressive and also care have to be required to not end blast. Tools can be difficult to find, prices differ widely and also are usually costlier than floor grinders.As with any kind of piece of equipment you"re unfamiliar with, try it the end in an inconspicuous area first. These aren"t the complicated, with a quick learning curve, yet a usual novice mistake is over blasting or over grinding. Not a fatal mistakes, people that can be overcome with using a bit more epoxy coating... On second thought, don"t practice first
A quick note around leaving the existing coating - although it may be holding increase fine now, coating over the existing material could accelerate its failure. That"s since depending on its ingredient it may be enabling the transmission of water vapor, or hydrostatic pressure.

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However once coated with a non-permeable epoxy the pressure could prompt the relax of the old coating. Considering the cost and resources compelled to put down a brand-new floor coating system, the old ingredient really have to be eliminated first.