(Darrell is in the earlier of a movie theater when he watch a woman in the direction of the prior of the room)Darrell: Damn.. Damn!(Yvonne looks back to uncover Darryl looking ago at her. She easily turns away.)Darrell: oh damn! Okay, okay, okay.. Forgive me, deserve to I speak to you because that a minute? forgive ME have the right to I talk TO YOU for A MINUTE?Yvonne: Yeah, whats up?DARRELL: oh yeah. Mine name's Darrell. That is spelled like Darrell, however its pronounced Da-RELL. Aw yeah, i wanna let girlfriend know...the earlier yo' head is RI-DIC-ULOUS.

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YVONNE: Um, thanks.DARRELL: yeah your room welcome.(Darrell jumps to the seat next to Yvonne.)DARRELL: Wheres your boyfriend?YVONNE: Oh, yeah..Uhm, who?DARRELL: your boyfriend. Whereby your boyfriend at? Is he gettin' you refreshments? Is the tall? Is he gettin' friend Mike-n-Ikes? five you choose Mike-n-Ikes? Is the hefty? Is he comes back? whereby your boyfriend? wherein yo' boyfriend at? wherein yo boyfriend?YVONNE: ns don't - ns don't have actually a boyfriend...DARRELL: five you don't! oh you don't have a boyfriend! oh okay...okay okay...that's cool. Yeah... For this reason listen, um, i was wondering - deserve to I have yo' numba? can I have yo' numba?YVONNE: i don't provide out my number...in theaters...when I'm around to clock a movie...DARRELL: oh oh okay... It s okay that's cool, that's cool..I get it, friend know...you all into pondering like cinema, choose make believe, and also celluloids.. It s okay you know...yeah yeah, me also me too...yeah, i respect that. Keep doin' yo' thing miss out on Shalit! miss Gene Shalit! yeah yeah, that's cute.(Darrell go away. 2 seconds later he conveniently comes back. This time more desperate.)DARRELL: What's her name, delicate?!YVONNE: oh um...oh um, Yvonne.DARRELL: five Yvonne?! five damn!.. Hold up! That's a French ass name Yvonne! Yeah, my lil croissant, lil' cheese on mine croissant. Yeah...(licks lips) therefore listen.. Deserve to I have YO' NUMBA? deserve to i have actually yo' numba?YVONNE: but this is my day off, and also I just wanna clock this movie, alone... I'm sorry.DARRELL: Oh it s okay okay. No, I gain it. I acquire it i respect that.(Walks away only to come ago again.)DARRELL: SO ns CANT have actually IT?YVONNE: No, I just don't offer it out.DARRELL: Ohh, okay okay I gain it I acquire it... Friend uh, friend being all selective cause you got a ponytail! Right, right? friend think a man can't handle the regalness that a updo! Right, right? friend all prefer Grace Kelly, elegant Kelly, grace Kelly?YVONNE: No no, I'm no being anything 'cause I have actually a ponytail.DARRELL: Oh, Vonny, Vonny, Vonny, Vonny, girl, Vonny, Vonny... Don't be insecure, girl. Very own THAT PONYTAIL! job-related THAT UPDO!YVONNE: Okay, ns will.DARRELL: Aw, damn!.. You're kinda sexy once you take it my advice, girl. I prefer that. Yeah, i favor that. Yeah, therefore um.. So listen.. Have the right to HAVE YO NUMBA? have the right to I have actually it?(Yvonne start to relocate away. Darell follows.)DARRELL: deserve to I have it? deserve to I please get the secret code the when entered telephonically it will pass me through to friend which method it'll be your beautiful ass number? can I have it? No, come on deserve to I have it? deserve to I have it? have the right to I have actually it? deserve to I? have the right to I? can I have actually it? have the right to I have it? (sniffs twice) deserve to I have actually it?YVONNE: No, the previews are around to start and I - and I just... Ns wanna ponder them.. Alone so.. But thanks, anyways.

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DARRELL: oh okay. It s okay alright, that's cool. That's cool. No, ns know, ns know, I get it. Oh, you wanna go through all the intricacies the cinema, it s okay okay yeah, so you save - you store doing yo thing, friend know. Yvonne Shally! Yvonne Shally! My little brie, yeah! okay bye alright aright. I'ma miss out on you though, I'ma miss you! Alright you gain yo' work girl, alright? take care! Alright.. (ILoveYou.).Script: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_words_to_Can_I_Have_Your_NumberSkit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRbkkqZikx4