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Question: I am right now breastfeeding mine one month old daughter. Everything is walk wonderfully. My concern is this: Is it safe to drink diet soda sweetened with Nutrasweet if nursing? my daughter’s pediatrician said it is fine but I find a most contradicting information on the internet. Your aid would be appreciated.

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Answer: Drinking diet sodas sweetened v Nutrasweet (aspartame) should not be difficulty when you space nursing. Dr. Cutting board Hale (Medications and Mother’s Milk), states that in doses 3 to 4 times higher than what would frequently be ingested, “the milk levels space too short to produce far-ranging side results in normal infants”.

The exception to this would be in a case where a baby had actually PKU (Phenylketonuria). Aspartame has an amino acid dubbed phenylalanine, and babies born v the inherited metabolic disorder PKU room unable come metabolize this particular amino acid. Everyone diagnosed through PKU need to avoid all foodstuffs which save on computer phenylalanine, consisting of aspartame. State legislations require that all newborns it is in screened for PKU, so her baby should have been tested quickly after birth. As long as neither you or her baby have actually PKU, climate drinking diet soda v Nurtrasweet have to not present any kind of problems.

Other artificial sweeteners favor Splenda (sucralose), Sorbitol, Saccharin, and Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana), are thought about safe for usage by nursing mothers because tiny appears in the milk, and also what does appear is poorly absorbed.

Diet soda may likewise contain caffeine, i beg your pardon is taken into consideration safe because that nursing moms in moderation. If you are taking in an ext than 750 mg per day, her baby might be overstimulated and fussy. The younger the baby, the more likely they space to reaction to caffeine. One deserve to of diet soda contains around 46 mg, so friend would have to drink 11 can be ~ a day before the levels are thought about ‘high’.

Since sodas have actually no nutritive value, it’s a an excellent idea to drink lock in moderation, but there is no factor to stop them completely just because you space breastfeeding.

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For an ext information about what is safe to eat or drink throughout lactation, check out the articles Nutrition, weight Loss, and also Exercise, and also Drugs and Breastfeeding.

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