If you have newly purchased a hamster and also have a pet dog in your residence, you may wonder if your dog and your new hamster have the right to share the very same food. The short answer is no, they can’t, however save analysis to check out if tright here are any exceptions to this dominance and also any type of certain brands you deserve to usage for both pets.

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Is Dog Food Bad For My Hamster?

Tbelow are a few factors that you shouldn’t feed your hamster dog food, and also we’ll look at each of them currently.

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Natural Diet

The greatest reason to prevent feeding your hamster dog food is that they have actually various herbal diets. While both pets are omnivores qualified of eating plants and also animals, dogs are much closer to the carnivorous side. They have only become omnivores from living via human beings. Up to ⅔ of the dog’s diet have the right to be pet meats and also proteins, via vegetables and also grains comprising just a tiny component. In contrast, the hamster will eat beside no animal proteins and also spends the majority of of its life happily consuming Timothy hay, grass, vegetables, and various other grains.


The protein content in dog food is typically a tiny higher than what you will uncover in hamster food. Brands favor Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breed Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food have actually 20% protein or even more. Hamster food favor Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blfinish Gerbil & Hamster Food only has around 15% protein, and also this food only provides up a tiny part of the hamster’s diet.


By looking closer at the 2 brands we’ve mentioned previously, you have the right to view that the dog food has a much greater fat content than the hamster food. This better fat content can lead to heart condition and also obesity in hamsters. Since being overweight have the right to mitigate your hamster’s lifeexpectations, so it’s best to avoid foodstuffs through high-fat content and also stick to Timothy hay, grasses, and vegetables.


Anvarious other difference you can alert between the two brands above is that the dog food does not contain practically as a lot fiber as the hamster food. Hamsters call for plenty of fiber in their diet, and they deserve to gain constipated if they don’t have sufficient.


Things Your Hamster and also Dog Can Both Enjoy

Image Credit: polya_olya, Shutterstock

Corn and Soy

While a lot of wet and also dry dog food brands have actually too much fat and animal protein to be suitable for your hamster, dog treats make a good occasional treat for your pet. A dog treat like Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe Dog Treats is suitable for your hammy because they typically contain many fillers choose corn and also soy. These ingredients might not be excellent for your dog, yet your hamster will certainly love them, and also they are closer to the ingredients they naturally eat.

Chew Toy

Dog treats likewise tend to be very tough, and also they have the right to assist your hamster wear dvery own its front teeth, so they don’t acquire out of control. Timothy hay is the primary means your hamster will certainly wear dvery own its teeth, however it will appreciate tasty food like a dog treat on occasion.

Vitamins and Minerals

Many type of dog treats like the Milk-Bones we pointed out previously likewise contain some vitamins and minerals that have the right to advantage your pet. Tright here is vitamin A, D, and also E consisted of in the ingredients as well as calcium and phosphorus, which deserve to aid your hamster develop solid bones. Vitamin B12 deserve to boost our pet’s energy levels and also help fight excessive weight and also promote a strong metabolism.

How Can I Feed My Hamster Dog Food?

As we’ve mentioned previously, dog food isn’t suitable for a hamster in either the wet or dry create because it has a tendency to be as well high in fat and animal proteins. However, numerous dog treats are suitable, so while they can’t share the very same food, they can bond over an excellent snack.

Unlike your dog, that have the right to eat numerous treats in the blink of an eye, your hamster will nurse a solitary treat for numerous days. If only provided occasionally, these treats have the right to add some array to their stays while still providing somepoint to chew. We recommend providing dog treats to your pet no more than once per month to encertain it remains healthy and balanced and also doesn’t put on added weight. In between treats, make certain they eat plenty of Timothy hay to make certain they acquire the fiber they require.



If you caught your hamster munching down on some of your dog’s food as soon as you weren’t looking, it need to be fine. However, you need to not give your hamster dog food on function bereason it’s not in line with your pet’s nutritional requirements, and it can quickly lead to wellness troubles if provided routinely. You might offer your hamster the occasional dog treat, yet it’s probably much better to stick to food that hamsters are meant to eat, prefer Timothy hay, grass, fruits, and vegetables.

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We hope we have aided put your mind at ease and also aided you learn even more about your pet’s nutritional demands. If you understand someone else through one of these amazing pets, please share this guide to what you need to understand about hamsters eating dog food on Facebook and also Twitter.