If you have recently purchased a hamster and have a pet dog in her home, you may wonder if your dog and also your brand-new hamster deserve to share the exact same food. The brief answer is no, castle can’t, yet keep analysis to check out if over there are any type of exceptions come this rule and any certain brands you deserve to use because that both animals.

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Is Dog Food negative For my Hamster?

There space a few reasons that you shouldn’t feed her hamster dog food, and we’ll watch at each of castle now.

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Natural Diet

The best reason to stop feeding her hamster dog food is the they have various natural diets. If both pets are omnivores capable of eating plants and animals, dogs are lot closer to the carnivorous side. They have actually only end up being omnivores from living v humans. Approximately ⅔ that the dog’s diet deserve to be pet meats and also proteins, v vegetables and also grains making up only a tiny part. In contrast, the hamster will certainly eat beside no animal proteins and spends most of that is life happily consuming Timothy hay, grass, vegetables, and other grains.


The protein contents in dog food is typically a little higher than what friend will discover in hamster food. Brands prefer Hill’s scientific research Diet Adult big Breed Chicken & Barley Recipe dried Dog Food have 20% protein or more. Hamster food choose Higgins Sunburst Gourmet blend Gerbil & Hamster Food only contains about 15% protein, and also this food just makes up a small component of the hamster’s diet.


By spring closer at the two brands we’ve mentioned earlier, you deserve to see that the dog food has actually a much greater fat content 보다 the hamster food. This higher fat content have the right to lead come heart an illness and excessive weight in hamsters. Due to the fact that being overweight deserve to reduce your hamster’s lifespan, for this reason it’s ideal to avoid foods with high-fat content and stick come Timothy hay, grasses, and vegetables.


Another distinction you can notification between the two brands over is the the dog food does no contain practically as lot fiber as the hamster food. Hamsters call for plenty of fiber in your diet, and also they can obtain constipated if castle don’t have actually enough.


Things your Hamster and also Dog have the right to Both Enjoy

Image Credit: polya_olya, Shutterstock

Corn and Soy

While many wet and also dry dog food brands have actually too lot fat and also animal protein come be perfect for your hamster, dog treats make a good occasional act for her pet. A dog treat like Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Beef & Filet Mignon recipe Dog Treats is perfect for her hammy due to the fact that they usually contain numerous fillers favor corn and soy. This ingredients might not be an excellent for your dog, yet your hamster will love them, and also they space closer come the ingredients they normally eat.

Chew Toy

Dog treats also tend to be really hard, and also they can assist your hamster wear down its former teeth, so they don’t acquire out the control. Timothy hay is the primary method your hamster will wear down its teeth, however it will appreciate tasty food favor a dog act on occasion.

Vitamins and Minerals

Many dog treats like the Milk-Bones we stated earlier additionally contain some vitamins and also minerals the can advantage your pet. Over there is vitamin A, D, and also E had in the ingredients as well as calcium and also phosphorus, which can assist your hamster develop solid bones. Vitamin B12 can boost our pet’s energy levels and assist fight obesity and also promote a solid metabolism.

How deserve to I feeding My Hamster Dog Food?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, dog food isn’t suitable for a hamster in either the wet or dry form because it has tendency to be too high in fat and animal proteins. However, several dog treats room suitable, therefore while lock can’t re-superstructure the same food, they deserve to bond end a great snack.

Unlike her dog, who have the right to eat numerous treats in the blink of an eye, your hamster will nurse a solitary treat for number of days. If only detailed occasionally, this treats can add some selection to their lives while still providing something to chew. We recommend giving dog treats to your pet no more than when per month to ensure it remains healthy and doesn’t placed on added weight. In in between treats, make sure they eat many of Timothy hay to make sure they obtain the fiber castle need.



If you recorded your hamster munching down on few of your dog’s food once you weren’t looking, it have to be fine. However, you need to not give your hamster dog food top top purpose due to the fact that it’s not in line through your pet’s nutritional needs, and it might quickly lead to health difficulties if provided regularly. You can give her hamster the sometimes dog treat, but it’s probably much better to stick to food that hamsters are claimed to eat, like Timothy hay, grass, fruits, and vegetables.

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We expect we have actually helped placed your mind in ~ ease and helped girlfriend learn more about your pet’s nutritional needs. If you recognize someone rather with one of these exciting pets, you re welcome share this overview to what you must know around hamsters eat dog food ~ above Facebook and Twitter.