The right guinea pigs diet should include timothy hay and pelletfoods. That is likewise necessary to give your pet some various items native time totime.

This sports is a great way to keep your pet mentallystimulated. Also, they continue to be away from nutritional deficiencies and beingbored with their consistent diet.

But all foods are no healthier because that guinea pigs. Despite they favor a variety of foods, few of them can injury your guinea pigs. However, we’ll concentrate currently on cabbage and also guinea pigs. Can guinea pigs have cabbage?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage?

Cabbage doesn’t contain very much harmful contents and so you can feed your guinea pig. However a variety of cabbages come with different nutritional values Therefore, every cabbage is various from others in regard come the nutrients.

Let’ find out which cabbage is better than others because that yourguinea pigs.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat eco-friendly Cabbage?

Expert vets don’t recommend green cabbage for guinea pigs. It has a small amount that vitamin C, but not numerous like oranges. A tiny amount that calcium in cabbage helps her guinea pigs as well.

You can feed green cabbage to your little fluffy friends yet in minimal. An extreme quantity the calcium deserve to bring about kidney or bladder stones to guinea pigs.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Red Cabbage?

The red cabbage is the finest option amongst others to feeding yourguinea pigs. It has actually a large amount of vitamin C 보다 green and Chinese cabbages.The purple leaves of cabbage also contain vitamin A and calcium.

The plentiful vitamin C avoids scurvy, however don’t feeding thisto her cavies also much. Due to calcium content, that can create the developmentof urinary diseases and also kidney stones.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Chinese Cabbage?

Chinese cabbage is loaded through calcium, but it has a littleamount the vitamin C as well. Despite vitamin C is important for them, a largeamount of calcium can reason several health and wellness problems.

Veterinarians take into consideration this together the least recommended cabbagefor guinea pigs. However if you still want to feeding this to her guinea pigs, dothat very cautiously.

The recommendations When offering Cabbage to Guinea Pigs

Pet owners think about the nutritional worths of foods, yet side-effects are something that need to be considered an ext carefully. Think about cabbage. If you give this lot to your guinea pigs, friend may uncover them weak and also abnormal in their cage.

It is because excessive cabbage can cause gas and bloating. This hampers their typical life through throwing castle in discomfort. The far better way for guinea pigs to understand all the benefits from cabbage, eat cabbage in minimal and cautiously.

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