In geometry, area is the 2-dimensional an are or an ar occupied by a close up door figure, while perimeter is the distance about a closed number i.e. The length of the boundary. Because that example, the area can be used to calculation the dimension of the carpet come cover the entirety floor that a room. Perimeter deserve to be offered to calculate the size of fence forced to surround a yard or garden. Two forms may have the exact same perimeter, but different locations or may have the very same area, but different perimeters.

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Comparison chart

Area versus Perimeter comparison chart
AreaPerimeterDefinition Measurement Usage Square Rectangle Triangle Rhombus Trapezium Parallelogram Circle
The room or an ar occupied by a closeup of the door figure. The distance approximately a closeup of the door figure.
Square unit.(sq) measures two size e.g. 24 in² or 24 inch squared Linear unit steps one dimension Eg 24 in. Or 24 inches
For example to carpet the entirety room For instance to placed a fence around the garden
s², wherein s is the length of one side of the square. 4s, whereby s is the size of one side of the square.
lw, wherein l and w room the length and width of the rectangle. 2l + 2w, , where l and also w room the length and width that the rectangle.
Sq. Source (s*(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)), wherein s is fifty percent the perimeter, a, b and also c are the lengths the the sides. OR ½*ab*sin(C), wherein a and b are any two sides, and also C is the angle in between them. OR ½*bh, whereby b is the base and also h is height a+b+c, whereby a,b and also c space the lengths that the sides of the triangle.
Product of diagonals / 2 4 * l
(a+b)/2 Sum of every sides
Length(l) * Height(h) 2 * (length(l) + Breadth(b))
πr², where r is the radius of the circle. 2πr, where r is the radius


The area of each number is the an ar in red. The perimeter is the black color line that forms the boundary.

What is Area?

Area is a amount that expresses the degree of a two-dimensional region or form in the plane. To understand area, think of exactly how much material would be crucial to make the shape, or how much repaint would be necessary to cover the surface.

What is Perimeter?

Perimeter is the distance approximately the exterior of a shape. The is a course that outlines a shape. To know perimeter, think exactly how long girlfriend would need to walk about along the border of the shape to circumvent it. When the form is a circle or an ellipse, the perimeter is additionally called circumference.

Measurement and also Units

Area represents a two-dimensional region; for this reason the unit for area is "square units". E.g. 24 inches squared or 20 centimeters squared. This is created as 20 cm2.

We use straight units once we measure perimeter. Straight units measure one dimension, length.

Formulas to calculation area and also perimeter

How to calculate area and perimeter for miscellaneous shapes?The following snapshot presents formulas used to compute the area and also perimeter for typical geometric shapes choose circle, triangle, square, rectangle and various polygons.


Cheat sheet of mathematical formulas to calculation area and also perimeter because that a selection of geometric shapes, consisting of circle, square, triangle, rectangle, equilateral polygons, continuous polygons and also general polygons.

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Irregular Objects

An irregular shape has sides of various length. Calculating area on this shapes requires breaking the form down into typical shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. This is since these shapes all have set formulas for calculating their area. Gift able to watch the forms within shapes is the an essential to calculating the area of rarely often, rarely shapes. After finding the area of each shape add them to obtain the full area. In the case of perimeter of rarely often rare object just measure the size of every side and include them up.