Is it simply there to collection lint and also fluff or is there a higher purpose because that that switch on mine belly?

And why does mine bag in while my friends' pokes out?

Well organize onto your ship buttons because we’re going to learn everything there is to know about them!

Innie or outie?


An innie belly button and an outie ship button. (innie: Wikimedia/G.dallorto; outie: photograph credit: kid Gibson on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA)

Look down at your tummy.

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You might notice that her belly button pokes out and also makes a tiny bump on your tummy (an outie).

Or it's a dark hole that appears to walk on forever right into your ship (an innie). However is it simply there for decoration?

Why perform I even have a belly button?

Why to be I stuck with this feet in my stomach? good question!

Your belly switch is in reality there for a very important reason. That goes all the method back to before you were even born!

When a baby is farming inside a mother’s womb, lock are connected to their mommy by a soft, bendy rope dubbed the umbilical cord.

That cord is just how the baby eats, breathes and also gets rid of garbage to assist them develop.

When the infant is born, they can drink milk, breath air and get rid of your waste in a diaper. So they don’t require the cord anymore!

A doctor cuts the cord, for this reason the baby is no longer connected to their mom. Castle tie or clamp the cord close to the baby’s tummy.

Since there space no nutrients going to the cord anymore, after ~ a few weeks the dries up and also falls off, leaving a belly switch in the place!

So I can untie my belly button?


(Kwanchai Chai-udom/123RF)

No! The belly button is sort of choose a scar. You can't reopen your belly button.

Depending on exactly how the scar tissue develops will decide whether you have actually an innie or an outie!

Innies space much an ext common. Only about 10 per cent of human being have an outie! yet 100 every cent of human being have a ship button!

Does mine belly switch do anything?

Does it assist me do much more sit-ups? have the right to I breathe much more with it? deserve to you untie it and also see within my tummy? All great guesses, but no.

Now the you're older, the most your belly switch does is collect bacteria.

Microorganisms (bacteria so little you can’t see them) live anywhere your body. But a famous hangout spot because that them is in your ship button.

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Scientists space finding brand-new species of microbe in belly buttons every the time.