Is anyone rather looking forward to this game? I understand it hasn"t to be announced yet because that the 3DS, but I yes, really think it will certainly be. They"ve to be releasing the speak to of Duty games on the DS every year and I think it"s about time because that them to relocate onto the 3DS. It have to be interesting to see what they perform with it. It"ll be much more advanced than the DS games, however still not as progressed as the consoles versions, obviously.

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The main thing I"m looking forward to is Zombies. I"d prefer to have actually some portable zombie killing.


(console version)well if friend look at my avatar,you bet ya im pumped for the brand-new zombies,heard 8 world can play and it supplies the multiplayer engine instead of the own,but ns hope that dont adjust a totality lot because I love zombie a entirety lot,but tank,nikolai,richtofen,takeo do the game funner(3ds)this can be the very first worth when fps on the 3ds,but it much better include zombies because what else space you gonna carry out if you have no internet,also it better have dlc

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If this is an actual sequel come the confusing story of black Ops, then ns don"t have actually much interest. I"ll have lots much more interest if castle support exceptional (in retrospect to various other Wii shooters) tip controls through the Wii remote and also get part decent to wonderful maps v variety.


I"m not concerned around the campaign. It could be more interesting v the ability to make selections to change the storyline, yet I"m not sure how much of the the 3DS version will get.

I"m hoping it supports the one pad pro, partly because I very own one and also would like much more games to use it, but additionally because it would clearly be the best an option for controls v two one pads and four shoulder buttons.

It far better have Zombies. The DS variation of black color Ops had zombies. So i think it"s a for sure bet. They recognize it has actually a most fans. I"m interested to watch what all settings the 3DS version will have. I"m certain it will have actually the classic survival style from people at War and also Black Ops, but we don"t also know what the new game modes are for the console versions, either


Being a pan of the console games, the DS versiond didn"t attention me. But if a potential 3DS cod can match the Wii COD gamings I would certainly buy it!


It"s no a sequel come the very first BO. Rather of acquisition place throughout the Cold War, it"s going to take place later (just clock trailers).

RR529 you re welcome don"t to speak something if girlfriend don"t recognize if what you"re talk about. That is a sequel. Because that one, it"s the very same title with the number 2 at the end, which basically says flat out that it is a sequel. And also two, the storyline does proceed from black Ops 1. Ns think the main character is a decedent that a key character from black Ops 1. Or something like that. Ns never gained into the campaign.

luminalace The DS versions never interested me, either, but the 3DS variation is certain to be lot better. I"m simply curious come see exactly how much better. Death zombies in 3D on a handheld sounds an extremely exciting come me.

The only reason I like this being on Wii U is for this reason I have the right to rub the troll"s encounters that we have a remarkable version that their below average game on a NINTENDO console.

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The only means the Wii U version would be exceptional is the Wii U GamePad. The game is still going come be arisen for the Xbox 360 first, so ns seriously doubt the graphics will certainly be better at all.