If your A/C sounds loud when you turn it every the means up or it smells funky, it can be time to change your cabin waiting filters. Here"s exactly how you do it.

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This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002).

Cabin waiting filters defend your car"s ventilation system from being contaminated or exposed come airborne pollen, bacteria, dust, exhaust gasses, and also even smoke. Manufacturers recommend changing the cabin air filter every 25,000 miles or so, however if you have actually allergies, you may want to change them top top an annual basis. They are very basic to replace on her own.

Step 1 – eliminate black clips and also glove box

First friend will have to open the glove box and remove every little thing in it.

Then, eliminate each that the black clips situated inside and also toward the ago of the glove box. One way to remove the clips is come hold and squeeze each one by hand and also push ~ above the clip indigenous the outside. You can likewise use a flat head driver to pry the clips out, but this is risky because too much pressure can damage or break the clip. Hold the gloves box in place. When you remove the clips, that will autumn forward. Remove of the gloves box allows access to the air filters.

Figure 1. North your gloves box.
Figure 2. Eliminate the black clips hold the glove box in place.
Pro Tip

If one or both clips loss behind the dashboard, girlfriend can conveniently reach them when the glove box is removed.

Step 2 – remove cabin air filter cover

Remove the cabin air filter covering by pulling top top the left-hand side tab. The sheathe is located to the ideal of several multicolored wires. The cabin wait filter cover have to pop out.

Figure 3. Eliminate cabin air filter cover.

Step 3 – slide cabin air filters out

Remove the air filter by sliding them and also their frames out. The filters room positioned next to each other. First, traction the left-side tab outward and also remove the left air filter. Climate slide the right-side tab and also air filter to the left filter"s position. Remove this filter by pulling ~ above its tab. The filters must be dirty, so be certain not come touch the filter itself.

Figure 4. Remove both cabin wait filters.

Step 4 – eliminate old filters and insert brand-new ones

Remove every cabin filter native its frame. Ar the brand-new air filters right into each frame.

Figure 5. Remove old cabin waiting filter native its frame.
Pro Tip

Before removed the filter from its frame, note just how it"s positioned. This will help you effectively insert the brand-new filter into the frame. Many filters have actually an arrowhead that shows which next is challenged up.

Step 5 – Insert new cabin waiting filters

Insert the filter that will certainly be on the right-hand side first. Slide it to the appropriate by that is tab. Next, insert the left-hand next filter, which need to fit snugly in place.

Figure 6. Insert both cabin wait filters, one in ~ a time.

Step 6 – install air cabin filter cover

Position the wait cabin filter cover over the opening. Insert the right-hand side of the cover into the slit. Push down ~ above the left-hand side of the cover come snap it into place.

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Step 7 – Re-install black plastic glove box clips

With the glove box earlier into place, position one clip top top the slot within the gloves box. While holding the clip in place, nearby the gloves box as much as girlfriend can. Push the clip v its slot until you hear that snap right into place. Follow the exact same procedure v the other clip. Make sure the gloves box opens and also closes together it should.