How to compare strings in C? You deserve to use perform it making use of strcmp function, there is no strcmp role and making use of pointers. Role strcmp is case sensitive and also returns 0 if both the strings space same.

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#include #include

int main() char a<100>, b<100>;

printf("Enter a string "); gets(a);

printf("Enter a string "); gets(b);

if (strcmp(a,b) == 0) printf("The strings are equal. "); else printf("The strings are not equal. ");

return 0;

Output of program:


Download to compare Strings program.

C cable comparison program

We can produce a function to compare 2 strings.


int compare_strings(char <>, char <>);  int main() char a<1000>, b<1000>;  printf("Input a string "); gets(a);  printf("Input a string "); gets(b);  if (compare_strings(a, b) == 0) printf("Equal strings. "); else printf("Unequal strings. ");  return 0;

int compare_strings(char a<>, char b<>) int c = 0;  when (a == b) if (a == "" if (a == "" && b == "") return 0; else return -1;

C string comparison making use of pointers

We can make a function to check if 2 strings are comparable or not by utilizing character pointers.


int compare_string(char*, char*);

int main() char first<1000>, second<1000>: int result; printf("Input a string "); gets(first); printf("Input a string "); gets(second); result = compare_string(first, second); if (result == 0) printf("The strings are same. "); else printf("The strings are different. "); return 0;

int compare_string(char *first, char *second) while (*first == *second) *second == "") break; first++; second++;

if (*first == "" && *second == "") return 0; rather return -1;
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