You are currently using the finest website to download the burgess Shop 2 PC video game for free. Mature users can finish this Simulator, Strategy group game’s challenging quests easily. All fans gained surprised as soon as the studio introduced this PC game on Jul 28, 2009 date.

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Burger Shop 2 Overview

Game:Genre:Developer:Publisher:Released on:Platforms:Age Ratings:Score:Languages:Countries:Game Modes:Themes:
Burger Shop 2
Simulator, Strategy
GoBit Games
GoBit Games
Jul 28, 2009
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Android, iOS
Everyone (PEGI 18)
8.5 the end of 10
English, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Italian
Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Canada
Single player

About citizens Shop 2

No various other PC video game is performing as smoothly as the burger Shop 2 PC game runs top top low-end PCs. Players love the TPP gameplay in this computer game. 1404 average everyday users rewarded this video clip game with optimal ratings.

In citizens Shop, you get some strange blueprints in the mail and also build an particularly food-making contraption. Have the right to you develop your restaurant right into a effective food empire?

In burgess Shop 2 you awake in a dumpster, through a bang on your head and no recollection of just how you obtained there.

Now, you have to rebuild your restaurant empire, adding brand-new twists to your menu to entice brand-new customers when uncovering the truth about what happened to your original restaurant chain.


It took years to construct that large fan base, which has actually just crossed around 14380 on society media. The recent updates on might 18, 2020 have played a critical role in boosting this video game’s performance.


11141 users have actually shared their confident thoughts around this PC video game in their hopeful reviews. Switch to the multiplayer mode when her buddies room around and also want to offer you some competition.


The studio has launched this computer system game top top Jul 28, 2009 date. Girlfriend will be able to run this video game without any kind of trouble if you are using communication like computer (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Android, iOS.



civilization liked the a lot due to the fact that this video game is based on the Simulator, Strategy genre.

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people seem rather satisfied through the graphics high quality of this action theme based computer game.

much more than 11459 users have actually participated in reviewing this computer game. The flawlessly crafted PC video game with 97.54 the end of 100 rating.

You deserve to download this game from below.