The surname is identified with no-nonsense, high-performance autoloaders having superb finish and unmatched handling. And also with an quickly recognizable semi-humpbacked recipient silhouette,’s silver shotguns perfectly respect that historical legacy. Sharing the exact same proven energetic Valve gas operation as the Gold, the Silver is one of the softest recoiling and also easiest shooting guns easily accessible today, transferring up come a 50% decrease in felt recoil end the competition.

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The energetic Valve additionally makes the Silver among the most versatile and reliable shotguns around, able come fire a wide range of manufacturing facility loads under the most too much conditions. Back-Bored Barrel technology ensures her shot patterns space tight, dense, even and also consistent, and also provides second reduction in felt recoil. See your dealer and pull the cause on a new Silver today.

The self-adjusting energetic Valve gas system in the silver- autoloaders uses gas from fired shells to run the activity instead of contributing come recoil. When shooting light loads, most of the gases operate the action. With magnum loads, just a small amount the gas is necessary to operate the action, if the continuing to be gases room vented with the energetic Valve and also out the optimal of the forearm and away from the receiver for clean, reputable operation. Due to the fact that the gas piston and energetic Valve run independently, less pressure is exerted ~ above the gas piston for better longevity and more efficient procedure than various other gas-operated autoloaders. Since the active Valve expulsion unnecessary gases, it normally reduces feel recoil before it ever before reaches your shoulder — without the require for heavy hydraulic recoil dampers, sticky gelatin pads and gimmicky gel stock inserts. Superior recoil reduction from the energetic Valve also equals faster, more accurate follow-up shots and also all-day shooting comfort regardless the the lots used.

The active Valve-equipped gas piston instantly adjusts come reliably fire a wide variety of loads. 12 gauge 3" models fire whatever from light, 1 oz., 2 3/4" target lots to the heaviest 3" magnums. The bigger 3 1/2" version is constructed to handle a similar range, indigenous 1 1/8 oz., 2 3/4" field loads up to hard-hitting 3 1/2" magnums.

Gold-colored. The cause guard is large and has very closely rounded edges to accommodate gloved fingers. Additionally, the Silver’s trigger assembly deserve to be eliminated in seconds for cleaning.


Silver shotguns attribute Back-Bored Technology. Review more...


Silver shotguns incorporate the interchangeable interchangeable Invector-Plus™ choke tube system. Review more...

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Magazine volume

2 3/4": four in magazine, one in chamber. 3": three in magazine, one in chamber. 3 1/2": 3 in magazine, one in chamber. A three-shot newspaper adapter plug is included.