The PREMIER is a full-featured Trimmer Mower. It steps up from our PILOT model with the enhancement of a tongue brake clutch that stops the head native spinning there is no shutting turn off the engine. The 6.75 Briggs & Stratton engine with actors iron sleeve has plenty of strength for every trimming and lighter mowing tasks.

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The PREMIER is a full-featured Trimmer Mower. It measures up from our PILOT model with the enhancement of a tongue brake clutch the stops the head indigenous spinning without shutting off the engine. The 6.75 Briggs & Stratton engine with actors iron sleeve has actually plenty of strength for every trimming and also lighter mowing tasks.


DR® prolonged Warranty

Peace of mind because that you, defense for your machine.

Up come 5 total years that protection.

Add approximately 3 extr years to your conventional warranty (2 years because that DR power Equipment, 1 year for all various other products).

Covers 100% the labor, parts, and also parts shipping.

We desire to obtain you back to occupational as quickly and easily as feasible by covering all defects in materials or workmanship.

The best solution for you.

Whether it"s a new part or a trip to an authorized business center, we"ll discover the best solution for you and also your DR.

*Extended warranties sheathe residential usage only.

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We will ship to a depot near you for FREE.Enhanced delivery alternatives available.

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DR Walk-Behind Trimmer Mowers (4:24)

Product Summary:

5X the power of handheld trimmers 6.75 ft/lb Briggs & Stratton engine 22" Cutting broad 5 cutting Heights: 1.5" to 3.5" Accepts optional DuraBlades and also Beaver tongue Accepts 175 mil cord–the thickest, longest-lasting cord available.

Warranty Coverage

Engine: 2 years residential; 90 work commercial Machine: 2 years residential; 90 job commercial

A Cut above the compete

Our Premier design offers vastly much more power than any kind of handheld trimmer and will strength through any type of trimming task and also handle light to center mowing work with ease. At simply 57 lbs it is light sufficient to practice in tight quarters, rolling conveniently on huge 14" resin wheels. The Premier functions a 22" cut and has five adjustable height settings, native 1.5 to 3.5 inches.

An offset structure design permits the Premier come trim right up versus foundations, fence lines and also other obstacles with an accurate control. The former is fortified with a cast aluminum sleep plate the protects the maker against damages from collisions.


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Super-duty cutting Cords

All DR Trimmer/Mowers expropriate super-thick 175 mil cut cords—the thickest, longest-lasting in the sector (so you spend more time mowing and less time transforming cords).


No Wrapping

Unlike many trimmers, the DR wide-body design prevents vegetation from wrapping and tangling roughly the trimmer head (which often tends to stall the engine. Also in high grass, the DR Trimmer Mower keeps on keeping on.


Assembled in the USA

Assembled in the USA making use of foreign and also domestic parts. Ships straight from our Wisconsin factory.

Patented Cord attachment System

Cords go on in seconds, no tools required. Select from 5 various cutting elevation adjustments (1.5" come 3.5") at the very same time you connect your cords. No tools and no extra time required. Set the cutting height low for trimming, or set it high for off-lawn mowing of tall grass and also weeds.

Briggs & Stratton Engine

Cast Aluminum nose Plate

The DR Trimmer/Mower"s actors aluminum sleep plate protects it versus damage from collisions. Bumps and scrapes are inescapable when you"re working, but you have the right to ensure the they don"t damage your machine.

Optional Beaver Blade because that the large stuff

The optional Beaver Blade transforms your trimmer right into a chainsaw top top wheels. Cut trees as much as 3" in diameter quickly and also easily. It"s the perfect way to take down stands that "weed trees" there is no bending over or dropping to your knees like you need to with a common chainsaw.

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Optional Quick-Lock Trimmer Head

Allows girlfriend to change your trimmer cord in just seconds—completely hassle-free! Cord is simply put into the head and also is anchored in ar by the distinctive gripping mechanism! Perfect for fast cord transforms in the field, and also for those who frequently trim thick thickets that weeds.

Optional DuraBlades because that 3/8" thick Brush

With our optional DR DuraBlades friend can easily swap out your cutting cords with metal blades, installed in a high-tech polymer, that slice through woody product up come 3/8" thick!