This is my an initial time making one of these talkbacks, so I"m not certain what I have to put here. This episodes had just finished airing wherein I live, for this reason I"m not sure if placing a time would actually do lot good... Er, I"ll simply go ahead and post this topic or something.

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Episode DescriptionsGet a Job: Brandy & Mr. Whiskers uncover a surprise shopping mall and also they each desire to purchase an high-quality item, so they gain jobs at the shopping center to shot to get enough shiny rocks.Jungle Makeover: Mr. Whiskers throws a party, despite Brandy believes their residence isn"t great enough to throw a party in. They head to the shopping mall to try to obtain some product to re-design their home, though they soon gain into a fight and Brandy decides to separation up your home and they both take it a next to live in.

Sorry because that the dual post, but I didn’t know if I must put my very own thoughts in the initial subject post. Together I’ve said, ns not offered to this talkback things, so I’m simply taking things one step at a time. Anyway, i love the collection to death and I personally found myself discontent v these episodes. I loved the animation style used in the first season, though I discovered myself right able come look at some of the characters throughout this episode, as the computer animation style simply seemed weird. I particularly found the the computer animation in the means Mr. Whiskers moved and also the way his face expressions were portrayed were just flawed, though ns assuming that the rest of the episodes in the second season will be that the same animation quality, for this reason I’ll just need to tolerate any kind of differences that I’ve noticed. Both of these plots likewise seemed to breakthrough at rather an weird pace; I found both plots to be fairly cliché in nature and also while ns still believe both episodes were normally good, i feel the these were several of the worst illustration in the series so far and I had greater expectations for the overall quality of this episodes. Ns going to clock it again in a few hours, though I’m not really particular I’ll enjoy it any more than I already have, though I intend I should just be grateful that Brandy & Mr. Whiskers even received a 2nd season. Anyway, did anyone else that watched the episode watch the animation differences I’m talking about?
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Yeah, ns noticed the animation and also design differences. Yet they didn"t bother me. The animation and design to be inconsistent throughout the first season episodes anyway. Several plots on this display are overused or cliched, however they usually find a nifty twist on them. When Brandy saves Whisker"s life and also he becomes faithful to her, it turns out she placed his life in peril in the first place. Once Brandy has actually to obtain two feuding girlfriend to speak to each various other again, it"s Whiskers and also his brain, additional making fun of his stupidity. I actually liked these new episodes, and think they"re one improvement, and also I actually prefer the an initial batch the episodes. Too negative the present will probably obtain cancelled midway into this season.

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I’ve viewed all the episodes in the very first season, despite this episode was the best variation in animation style that I’ve seen. I suppose I shouldn’t make a mountain out of a molehill, though i wonder if the remainder of the episodes in the 2nd season will look the same. Ns did like exactly how both of these episodes had actually some continuous in them, the Mayan Mall showed up in both episodes and the monkey wax Mr. Whiskers received in get a project made an figure in tropical Makeover as well; I simply wonder now if Brandy & Mr. Whiskers’ residence will store the alters made or if that will go back to its regular look in the next episode, though i digress. these episodes were both good, though i feel that they could have been far better and i still think about them come be few of the worst episodes in the series, despite I’ve given them a 7.5 out of 10 end at, which is tho a respectable rating in mine opinion. Anyway, many thanks for replying to this topic; ns was beginning to wonder if anyone even regulated to clock the episode, considering its bad 2:30 pm timeslot.