1  n-count Your mind is the organ inside your head the controls your body"s tasks and allows you come think and to feel things such together heat and pain. Her father died of a mind tumour.  

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2  n-count 
Your mind is her mind and also the way that friend think. usu poss N (=mind, intellect) Once you protect against using your brain you soon go stale..., large your brain with this puzzle.  
3  n-count 
If someone has actually brains or a an excellent brain, they have actually the capacity to learn and understand points quickly, to settle problems, and to make great decisions. I had actually a good brain and the teachers favored me.  
4  n-count 
If someone is thebrains behind one idea or an organization, he or she had actually that idea or renders the important decisions about how that company is managed. INFORMAL usu pl, the N behind/of n Mr White to be the brains behind the scheme..., part investigators related to her as the brain of the gang.  
5 If you choose someone"s brains, girlfriend ask them to aid you with a problem since they know much more about the subject than you. INFORMAL ♦pick someone"s brains 
 phrase V inflects Why need to a successful firm allow one more firm to choose its brains?  
brain damage 
 If who suffers mind damage, their brain is damaged by disease or injury so that they cannot role normally.  n-uncount He suffered severe brain damage after ~ a motorbike accident.  
 Someone who is brain-damaged has suffered mind damage.  adj The accident left the young severely brain-damaged and almost totally reliant ~ above others.  
2  adj 
If friend say the someone is brain-dead, you are saying in a cruel means that girlfriend think castle are an extremely stupid., (disapproval) 
brain death  Brain death occurs when someone"s mind stops functioning, also though your heart may be kept beating utilizing a machine.  n-uncount 
brain drain  When people talk about a mind drain, they space referring to the activity of a big number of scientists or academics away from your own nation to other nations where the conditions and salaries room better.  n-sing 
brain teaser   (brain teasers plural ), brain-teaser A mind teaser is a question, problem, or puzzle the is difficult to price or solve, but is not major or important.  n-count (=puzzle) 

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