WOW! can you think it has actually been 10 years due to the fact that Good luck Charlie premiered top top Disney Channel?!

The fan favorite show premiered ~ above April 4, 2010, and ended top top February 16, 2014, certification Bridgit Mendler, Bradley Steven Perry, Jason Dolley, Mia Talerico, Eric Allan Kramer and also Leigh-Allyn Baker.

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To memory the tenth anniversary, few of the stars native the present took come Instagram come commemorate the occasion.

“Coming to your tv 10 years earlier yesterday. Happy anniversary!” Bradley captioned a photo with Eric and Mia.

“Ten years back today, an excellent Luck Charlie made its debut!” Leigh-Allyn shared.

“It was a decade back today, Charlie Duncan taught the fam to play… They never went out of style, and also they’re guaranteed to advanced a smile… So may I introduce to you, the fam you’ve well-known for every these years… good Luck Charlie’s Dad Jokes burned Toast Ba-a-and… #charlieisten #goodluckcharlie
disneyplus,” Eric created on his page.

All periods of Good happy Charlie space currently available to clock on Disney+!

Check the end the very first and last scenes native the series in this throwback video from Disney Channel…

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