Fishel, who played Topanga on "Boy Meets World," has revealed that she and also husband Jensen Karp space expecting their first child.

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Danielle Fishel is getting ready to introduce a boy to the world.

On Wednesday, the “Boy Meets World” star revealed ~ above Instagram the she is pregnant and due this summer.

“I"m eating because that two,” she composed in the subtitle of a photograph of a pair of baby Nikes before listing just how she"s fitting every the stereotypes the a pregnant woman.

“I"m napping through wild abandon. Infant shoes. Infant clothes. (I"m shopping). I"m nesting. I"m analysis books. I"m madly in love v my husband. I cry at commercials. I"m a walking cliché. I"ve obtained baby apps. I"m confident. Ns feel inadequate. I"m mirroring one day and the next I"m not. I"m nervous. I"m excited. He"s due in July. Us can"t wait.”

It will be the first child for the actress, 37, and her 39-year-old husband, Jensen Karp, who also broke the news on Instagram.

“GUYS. We"re having a baby boy,” that wrote. “Couldn’t be more excited come raise a sweet little dumpling through

Eleven-year-old gibbs August Maturo, that played Fishel"s boy on the “Boy Meets World” reboot “Girl Meets World,” chimed in with heat thoughts. “Your TV boy is so happy you"re getting a real-life son,” he comment on her Instagram post. “You space going to it is in the greatest mom EVER, and I need to know. Congratulations to you and also

Fishel and also Karp obtained married in November in a ceremony attended by “Boy Meets World” co-stars will certainly Friedle and Ben Savage, who had actually previously wished the couple well on your engagement.

Fishel isn"t the only celebrity to usher in the brand-new year v a sweet post around pregnancy. Carrie Underwood has additionally been make the social media rounds as she prepares come welcome her second son, share a picture of 3-year-old Isaiah resting on her belly, and posting a video clip of him and also husband Mike Fisher tying her shoes — a simple act the Fishel might want to take together a sign of points to come.

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