Name Core 1 Character Sketch Youthful Integrity Jose in The Born Worker Jose is the main character in Gary Soto’s quick story The Born Worker. That is a young, Mexican- American boy that demonstrated hard-work, confidence, and also most importantly, integrity. In the story, Jose’s spoiled cousin Arnie has actually an idea for the 2 of them. “Something that will make united state money,” Arnie proposed. He will certainly find jobs for Jose come do, and also they will split the profits. During one of their jobs, one accident occurs. The occasions that complied with put a rubber stamp on an currently vivid picture of Jose’s character. Although Jose is only a teenager, that symbolizes what it method to it is in a hard-worker. The learned around hard job-related from his parents. In ~ a an extremely young age his dad explained to him that “life is hard.” Jose when asked his father what he observed atop the phone call lines the he operated on. “Work. I check out years that work, mi’jo,” reply his father. Together Gary Soto wrote in the story, Jose took his father’s answer as a truth. For this reason Jose ended up being a hard-worker at an early age. According come the story, people said he had the squint of an age laborer and also that he to be a “born worker.” because that example, he cut and pampered his own lawn. In several statements native the author and his cousin Arnie, it is stated that Jose is a good worker who is constantly on time. ~ agreeing to work with his cousin Arnie, Jose go a range of jobs. He functioned on a roof, lugged rocks, painted, and also cleaned an empty swimming pool. Jose is not a “people-person.” He doesn’t talk and also make conversation through adults prefer Arnie does. However, Jose go not absence confidence. When Arnie involved him through a business proposal, Jose had sufficient confidence in his job-related to tell his cousin he wanted 80% the the earnings they do together. That later settled for 70% that the profits but still, it mirrors confidence in Jose’s job skills. Only a confident teenage boy could have go what Jose did at the end of the story. As soon as Arnie lied come a fireman and said that rescued Mr. Clemens, Jose just walked away. He didn’t bother to exactly Arnie and tell what yes, really happened, the he conserved Mr. Clemen’s. Jose knew the real truth. And that was all that really mattered come him. Just a confident human being can have done what Jose did that day. One word the sums increase Jose’s personality is integrity. Jose is as true and also as real as one can be. Native the means he goes around his life, the means he treats his annoying cousin and to the method he reaction to certain situations, Jose has integrity. His cousin Arnie not only annoyed readers, he annoyed Jose together well. Jose believed Arnie to be spoiled, lazy, and unappreciative. Gary Soto said Jose didn’t like Arnie. However, Jose never once cure his cousin through disrespect. That was always truthful and honest to him. The is integrity at its best. Furthermore, the acted v pure integrity when Mr. Clemens, a male who owned the pool whereby Jose and Arnie to be working, was knocked unconscious. Unequal Arnie, Jose walk the ideal thing when he assisted Mr. Clemens, referred to as 911, obtained ice for his hurt head, and then aided him some more, all on his own. Jose conserved a male life the day. In conclusion, Jose’s character is revealed in v his actions. Although that is just a teenager, he exemplifies what it method to it is in hard-working, honest, and also a human being of integrity.

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Jose did the best thing the day. Once you truly believe in yourself, the is all that really matters.