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Sometimes, putting a border about text will certainly work far better in your file than inserting a text box or a one-cell table, to achieve a similar look.

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Select a word, line, or paragraph.

Go come Home > Borders, and also then open the menu of border choices.


Choose the form of border friend want:


Customize the border

After you’ve selected her text and also found the basic form of border you’d like, open the Borders menu again, and choose Borders and Shading.

Make your selections for style, color, and also width, and then use the an option with the buttons in the Preview ar of the dialog box. As soon as the preview is the way you desire it, click OK.


Note: Make sure that the Apply to box has actually the exactly setting: Text or Paragraph.

See also

Add, change, or delete borders from records or pictures

include a border to a table

You can add a border to an separation, personal, instance word, a heat of text, or an entire paragraph. You have the right to make borders as plain or an intricate as friend want.

You have the right to also include a border to a picture, put a border around a table, include a border come an individual page.

Add a border to selected text

Select a word, line, or paragraph.

On the Home tab, click the arrowhead next come the Borders button.


In the Borders gallery, click the border layout that you want to apply.

Customize the text border

After did you do it selected your text and found the basic type of border you’d like, click the arrow next to the Borders switch again, and also then click Borders and also Shading.

In the Borders and also Shading dialog box, readjust Setting, Style, Color, and also Width to create the border layout that friend want.


Note: To make certain the border style is correctly applied, collection Apply to to Text or Paragraph. If girlfriend haven"t selected any text, you have the right to only collection Apply to to Paragraph.

Click OK to use your selected border styles.

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Tip: You can also fill the area of her selected text with color. In the Borders and Shading dialog box, click Shading to pick a color and patterns. The color you choose in the Fill perform fills the rectangle-shaped area; the color you select from the Color food selection is used to the rectangular area in a sample you select from the Style list.



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