Considering today marks the 20th anniversary the the good musician Bob Marley’s death. I assumed what far better time to ask together a question as today.

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As high school kids we supplied to pass about this rumor the after Bob Marley’s passing there was claimed to be found at least 10 different species of dead bugs in his dread-locks. Because to attain that hair style you essential to not wash it, then this story seems logical.

Now my concern is to be this true or to be it just another vicious high institution rumor?

Johanna might 11, 2001, 5:40pm #2

You’ve got to it is in kidding. Of food dreadlocks room washed.

When the nationwide Guard killed 4 students in ~ Kent State university on might 4, 1970, rumors spread out afterward the their bodies had been riddled with heroin needle tracks and also were infested v lice. Completely false, the course; the county coroner stated “These were four clean kids.” The rumor walk indicate exactly how Middle America wanted to make the victims show up subhuman to justification the murder of the youth.

tomndebb may 11, 2001, 6:36pm #3

Sounds like demonizing to me. From what i’ve seen, dreadlocks take a lot much more attention than many styles and the human being I’ve well-known who wore dreadlocks washed their hair a lot.

Jeffism15 may 11, 2001, 7:12pm #4

You need to be kidding me using the word demonizing!

Does anyone look increase words prior to the create them? ns by no way turned anything into EVIL, let alone the devil. Because that starters i have talked come plenty of civilization who DIDN’T to wash there hair to accomplish dread-locks.I’ve heard others put egg assets to achieve there desired look.

So the conclusion is look at up your words prior to printing & everyone has there own an approach to attain dread-locks

ElDestructo may 11, 2001, 9:24pm #5

I think you misunderstand tomndebb’s intent, Jeffism. Tomndebb did no say that you to be the one doing the demonizing. The rumor was concocted in order to demonize Bob Marley. If you comprised the rumor, climate you space the demonizer. If you simply passed the rumor along because it was a juicy story and you to be a teenager, climate you might be deluded by the untruth, however you weren’t demonizing.While the effect of the rumor may have actually been Bob Marley’s demonization, i don’t think tomndebb’s article was intended as a personal attack versus you.

occ might 11, 2001, 10:06pm #6

Also, no dredlocks traditionally developed using beeswax? It doesn’t seem like the wax and also oil developed by the human body would certainly be the ideal thing to usage to form them.

JillGat may 11, 2001, 10:10pm #7

I’ve heard the same rumors around Rastas from number of Jamaicans. They every love Bob, but many of the median folks over there don’t have actually a most love for men with dreads. There is sort of a romantic watch of the vegetarian back-to-the-earth spiritual Rastafarians who live in the mountains, but the ones who live in city - the phony opportunists that wear dreadlocks and also hit up on tourist (called “Rent-a-Dreads” by the locals) - space universally despised. I frequently heard stories about their hair being complete of scorpions and spiders. I’m sure this no true, but I heard it.

Jeffism15 might 11, 2001, 10:23pm #8

If tomndebb was refering only to the legend & not me, than i over reacted than i apologize.

But wouldn’t the correct terminology it is in to demoralize, quite than demonize? because after every wouldn’t the initial nay sayer it is in trying to corruption Marley’s name?

No matter exactly how the myth/rumor started, there is no anyone played the video game telephone? The game entails putting a huge group of civilization in a row, & climate the human being on one side whispers a story to the human being next come them, and so forth til the finish of the line. Therefore when it finally reaches the finish of the line the story has significantly changed…

The phone call analogy could be a better description rather than a human being trying to damage a person’s image.

astro might 11, 2001, 10:49pm #9

*Originally posted by Jeffism15 ***If tomndebb was refering only to the legend & not me, 보다 i over reacted 보다 i apologize.

But wouldn’t the exactly terminology it is in to demoralize, rather than demonize? due to the fact that after every wouldn’t the original nay sayer it is in trying to corruption Marley’s name?

No matter exactly how the myth/rumor started, hasn’t anyone played the game telephone? The game requires putting a large group of civilization in a row, & then the human on one side whispers a story come the person next come them, and so forth til the end of the line. Thus when it ultimately reaches the finish of the heat the story has substantially changed…

The call analogy might be a far better description quite than a person trying to ruin a who image.**

Demoralize…what?! Tomndebb’s use was exactly both v regard to intent of the rumor and also in the paper definition of your initial question.

Let’s see.

demoralize 1. To deprive (a person or persons)of spirit, courage, discipline, etc.; ruin the morale of

demonize 1. To make into or as if into a DEMON-a human being or thing related to as evil, cruel, etc

I don’t think the “telephone” analogy is apropos. The bug collection in his dreads rumor may have been spread out via a “telephone” choose scenario but it began with someone, what concocting this canard as a way to make Marley look prefer a filthy, sub-human animal. Ns think this fits the context of “demonizing” a lot far better than demoralizing. Demoralizing renders no sense in context. Demoralize who?

Bob Marley passed away of cancer in ~ 36. He got treatment in a Bavarian clinic, yet it was as well late, and he attempted to fly earlier to Jamaica. He passed away in Miami, in his sleep.

This is indigenous the book Reggae International, through Stephen Davis and Peter Simon, 1982:

“A few days earlier, kris Blackwell had presented Marley a photograph taken that him when he was sixteen, top top the work he was married to Rita Anderson. Looking end Blackwell’s shoulder, gazing at her slight boy as he lay in a Miami hospital, his dreadlocks gone as result of illness, Bob’s mommy remarked the he looked the same now as he did ago then.”

I pursued that under after remembering seeing photos take away shortly prior to he died,(couldn’t uncover them online) and he was wan and also sans dreads.

So I mean that charming rumor can be laid come rest.

Chant down Babylon…


demoralize 1. To deprive (a human or persons)of spirit, courage, discipline, etc.; damage the morale of

demonize 1. Come make into or together if into a DEMON-a person or thing regarded as evil, cruel, etc


Let’s divulge the complete meaning of both words so that NEITHER is swayed in anyone’s very own direction


To weaken the to trust or moral of; dishearten. 2. Come put right into disorder; confuse. 3. To debase the morals of; corrupt.


To turn right into or together if into a demon. 2. To possess by or together if through a demon. 3. To represent as evil or diabolic.

When appropriately quoted native the dictionary it appears that Demoralize fits perfectly w/my OP. I would think the human who began this myth/rumor had an excellent (if false)intention to dishearten or confuse pan of Bob Marleys.

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But you never ever know since the human who began this might have grown wings & flew away prefer in the movies.