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Hi Guys,my rear door window dropped this morning while i was control on the highway. Anyways i tried to find the forum for instructions exactly how to eliminate the panel and also fix the home window but ns didn"t find anything. I discovered one link yet the connect was dead. How plenty of screws and where room they hidden? I can only see 1 behind the door lever.I can hear the motor working however the home window will no lift. Any type of ideas on what can be wrong? how much would it price to resolve at BMW dealer? Thanks
This previously thread answers some of your questions, but not how to acquire the door panel off: had an interesting fix that the broken plastic regulator with a zip tie.Haven"t had actually the trouble myself - yet.Maybe just try popping the panel off from the bottom edge, and also looking for additional screws covert under the door pulls/arm rests.P.S. Top top re-assembly, certain the vapor barrier is stuck earlier securely.

Check ThisThis has actually been a an excellent resource because that retro-engineering points for me. gives "exploded" views and also parts because that all points BMW.EE
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I opened up the panel. I found the defect. It"s funny how cheap and dumb they made it. It simply doesn"t make sense. Anyhow ns tried fixing it through tie wrap however it keeps breaking. BMW desires to readjust me 240 dollars because that a brand-new regulator. Funny exactly how they knew what the difficulty was. Now I will try to discover it native a local salvage yard. Many thanks for the help guys. I evaluate it.
An update on the topic. May be they didn"t execute as dumb together I thought. May be it an alleged to break - the small plastic that rides in the guide and also hold the glass. Cost about 70 Canadian dollars. I will certainly order it and fix it myself.

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can someone please explain how to replace the mechanism? do you need to remove the motor to replace that plastic? the system is behind the motor and also the large metal strip v the wire so that is tough to number out how those 2 are engaged.thanks

This has actually been a an excellent resource because that retro-engineering things for me. gives "exploded" views and parts because that all things BMW.EE
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So just how Did You eliminate The Panel?I have likewise been do the efforts to gain the very same advice. Please tell me exactly how you go it.
I simply fixed mine and also took a bunch that pics. I will get them on below as soon as possible. Right here is mine summary.Remove door skin. There are 4 Torx bolts to obtain removed. Two are under the nice wood handle that deserve to be pried off carefully, an additional one is under the unlock handle, and also another bolt is under the arm rest under a item of plastic.Pry off door skin v something flat and smooth so i won"t pains the leather, start at the bottom and also work your means around come the top. Detach all wiring native the panel, speak and home window switch, and also the mechanical device from the door take care of to the door. The top component of the door skin through the window pulls straight ago towards you, no up like most door skins.After the door skin is removed, usage a razor blade to peel ago the vapor/sound obstacle by cutting into the rubber adhesive, don"t cut the foam, you deserve to push it all earlier together once you space done. After friend have access to the window motor area, rotate on the car and make the home window go under so friend can get to the plastic hanger the holds the home window on the internal guide rail. You"ll know what I"m talking about when you gain into it. Press your window down and also gently detach that from the white slider block, over there is a tab in the white plastic that inserts into a hole in the window. ~ the home window is exit from the block, press up the home window and tape that up making use of some masking ice so that it won"t on slide down right into you occupational area and break or crush friend fingers.Remove the engine assembly by remove the 3 bolts holding it come the door, then you deserve to see the white plastic block and how it moves the window up and also down the rail with the cable. Over there is a nut the is supposed to sit in the plastic, that is wherein mine to be broken. Deal with it however you can, I used 5minute epoxy and also a zip tie because that insurance. So much it"s working.I"ll acquire some pics in right here later for this reason everyone deserve to really watch what it looks like. Great luck !!