The 1932 logo design was presented simply as a logotype the "LEGO." In 1946, the agency paid homage to its hometown the Billund, Denmark, which additionally employed a basic logotype. In 1936, LEGO included color to its logo, representing the company"s name and looking practically like among their boxed toys. In 1950, LEGO turned come a much easier logo, which combined the company"s surname within a circle and also featured "Billund Danmark" in an outer ring.

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Three years later, in 1953, LEGO unveiled the white bubble lettered logo which has come to be iconic that the brand and remained in usage by the firm since 1953. In 1959, words "System" was added below the brand name in yellow logotype, while "LEGO" recieved a bolder black outline to draw attention. In 1973, "System" was dropped and also "LEGO" obtained a yellow border external the black outline. The present LEGO logo design has been in use because 1998, and also is picture bringing joy to millions of children worldwide.

28. Shell

Year agency Founded:1907

Year logo Introduced:1900

Logo Designer:Raymond Loewy (1971)

Company Founders:Royal netherlands Petroleum Company, "Shell" deliver & Tranding agency Ltd.

The logo for Shell has actually always, in fact, to be a shell, becoming less realistic v each redesign. In 1900, the design was simply a black and white picture of a shell, i m sorry lasted until 1948, when the red and also yellow colors to be added. The style hasn"t strayed far from the original shade logo, v the surname of the firm moving around and also inside the logo design as the years progress. The last logo omits the company name, but it"s no longer necessary.

27. Toyota

Year agency Founded:1937

Year logo design Introduced:1930s

Logo Designer:Undisclosed

Company Founder:Kiichiro Toyoda

The 1937 (current) Toyota logo was chosen from 27,000 entries the were submitted to a public competition. The winner of the 1937 competition to be a design incorporating the three Japanese katakana letter for "Toyoda" in a circle. Toyoda to be the original name of the company, taken indigenous the last surname of the founder, Kiichiro Toyoda. Even though the agency was renamed to "Toyota engine Company" that very same year, the logo remains influenced by "Toyota."

26. Visa

Year company Founded:1970

Year logo Introduced:1958

Logo Designer:Greg Silveria (2006)

Company Founders:Dee Hock, bank of America

The very first logo appeared in the very same year as the company"s founding, with words VISA typed in the center of 2 lines (blue ~ above the top and a corn yellow ~ above the bottom). The original architecture lasted until 1982 as soon as the company chose a much more visible and also recognizable font and color scheme, with the "Visa" in the exact same blue and a little check that yellow ~ above the left side of the "V." The brand-new logo to be phased into the agency in 2006, and by 2011, every one of the company"s cards, marketing, promo materials, and also other services lugged this brand-new logo.

25. Volkswagen

Year agency Founded:1937

Year logo design Introduced:1938

Logo Designer:Franz Xaver Reimspiess (1938), Meta style (2007)

Company Founder:German work Front

The logo for Volkswagen to be the result of a Porsche office competition to check out who could come up v a good one, and the winner and designer was Franz Reimspiess, that perfected the engine because that the Beetle in the 1930s. The early stage black and white logo design strategically had the VW for Volkswagen, and also the swastika, in accordance through Hitler"s regime. The second logo was also black and white yet didn"t save on computer the swastika and looked an ext like a wheel 보다 a pan or radar. Post-WWII, the british took over the car agency and renamed it the Beetle, and also naturally, the logo adjusted as well. They preserved the VW but got rid that the architecture of the circle, which was motivated by the Nazi flag. No various other car agency wanted come take over the Volkswagen factory, for this reason the agency was went back to the German government. The most recent logo is embossed in blue and grey difference the black and also white logos that the company"s past.

24. WWF

Year agency Founded:1961

Year logo design Introduced:1961

Logo Designer:Sir Peter Scott (1961), Lans Bouthillier (1978), Landor Associates (1986), Asha (2010)

Company Founders:Max Nicholson, Julian Huxley, Peter Scott, male Mountfort, Godfrey A. Rockefeller, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands

Perhaps the company logo v the most "cute" in it, the WWF logo design was an initial introduced in 1961 with only the iconic panda and no logotype. The 1961 panda be afflicted with was produced by establishing chairman sir Peter Scott, and it continues to be a key branding aspect for the company. In 1978, the panda illustration was simplified, eliminating some of the fur texture, yet the design does not stray much from the original. In 1986, the WWF was added below the additional simplified panda design. The final readjust to the WWF logo occured in 2000, as soon as the font that "WWF" was slightly altered, though no noticable transforms were made to the panda illustration.

23. UPS

Year agency Founded:1907

Year logo design Introduced:1919

Logo Designer:Paul edge (1961)

Company Founders:Jim Casey, Claude Ryan

The an initial UPS "shield" logo was produced in 1916 as soon as founder Jim Casey an unified the agency with a neighborhood rival distribution service, and the shield shape stuck (it is quiet being supplied today), v the exemption of a few font and also design changes. UPS" 2nd logo, introduced in 1937, was the very first logo that had the letter "UPS" on it, and also in 1961, Paul rand designed the 3rd UPS logo design which featured a bow-tied package above the shield. In 2003, UPS switched come a glossy brown version of logo with the firm name had within the shield.

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22. Starbucks

Year company Founded:1971

Year logo Introduced:1971

Logo Designer:Terry Heckler (1971, 1987, 1992), Lippincott and also Starbucks Global an innovative Team (2011)

Company Founders:Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl

In 1971, while in find of impetus for a logo, the co-founder of Starbucks stumbled top top a norseman 16th century woodcut i beg your pardon featured the now renowned two-tailed mermaid or siren. Terrycloth Heckler to be recruited to architecture the logo for what was then "Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and also Spices," which included the bare-chested siren v an detailed crown and tail. Heckler was invited back to update and censor the architecture in 1987, at the time of the II Giornale and also Starbucks merger. In 1992, Heckler went back to revise the logo into the now iconic and further censored version, which functions a demure and smiling mermaid v a an easy crown and also tails. Drawing on Heckler"s 1992 design, the recent revisioning occured in 2011. The design team removed the outer circle that the logo, keeping only the mermaid illustration, while transforming the black color to the trademark Starbucks green. The bold relocate to rely only on the siren"s image reflects the iconic condition of the brand, completed through 40 years of foundation work.